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Pat Green My Little Heaven Lyrics

Last updated: 01/24/2005 10:00:00 AM

can you help me out with something
cause I feel a little sad inside
did you turn me on for nothing
are you sad or satisfied
it was long before today
that I felt you were slipping away

and you cant change anything
you cant change anyone
you cant do nothing about the way I feel
you can lay into me
it wont change anything about the way I feel
about my little heaven
my little heaven

can I pay you some attention
tell me would it be ok
I’m a little imperfection
In your picture perfect day
And I don’t think I could take it
If I thought you were trying to fake it


if you want me baby I’ll be there
take me away


my little heaven

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Had to say something if no one else will | Reviewer: Mike | 8/7/2005

This is a wonderful song. It has, in a true Pat Green spirit, a deep meaning and a good tune. I personally think its one of the best on the new cd.

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