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Tom Petty My Life / Your World Lyrics

Last updated: 11/02/2010 12:00:00 PM

They came this mornin' with a dog on a chain
They came and took my little brother away
His generation never even got a name

My momma was a rocker way back in '53
Buys them old records that they sell on T.V.
I know Chuck Berry wasn't singin' that to me

That's all right, it's your world
Hey, this is my life
She's my girl
My life / your world

I watch that fortune wheel
But never get to spin it
You made me promises, I don't think you meant it
If there's some sunshine baby
I'm gonna get out in it, oh yeah


I tried to leave, but the traffic had been stopped
The beach was burnin', and someone was
Throwin' rocks
They said an airplane had
Fallen in my block


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