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Duke Special My Lazy Saviour Lyrics

Last updated: 07/17/2012 12:00:00 PM

Give me your holy hymnal, I need new songs to sing
The old ones left me tired, inspired me with nothing.
I watched the roses wissum, black birds quit the sky.
I dont know whats happening, all I know its somethings happening.
With desperate man comes danger, a goblet to the gods
Our world and wind in fury, impossible to stop.
My heart is dead and hidden upon a con tree.
Steam is rising through my veins, in my blood I can feel it change.

Climb through the broken window to come and liberate the souls
Locked in the chapel, under floor boards and hiding in their homes
So stood up the revolution and forgotten in our chests,
Bring out through the ceiling to grasp our first breath.

I sense a pride of vision, still Im in the hall
Oh, weak, my lazy savior, fill my lungs with air.
Light me up with epiphany, Im no longer what I used to be.
Im no longer what I used to be
Wake up asleep and soar, Ive got new songs to sing