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Vanessa Amorosi My House Lyrics

Last updated: 12/13/2009 10:00:00 AM

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You can be the doctor
I can be the nurse
We'll have a little checkup
And find out where it hurts
Or let's be super heroes
Together save
The world
You can be the x-man
And i'll be super girl
I've got fun things on my list
And you're the one i wanna do them with

So come on
Come on over to my house
Come on over and play
Right away
Come on over to my house
And let's play
Come on
Come on over my house
Come on over and play
Right away
Come on over to my house
I'll share my toys baby

I got a secret cubby
Where no one else has been
But if you play real nice
I might let you in
It could get rough and tumble
And if you jump on me
I'll use my ninja techniques
To bring you to your knees
You don't have many friends like me
And you know how good a good friend can be


I'll let you be king
And i'll be your queen
You can rule the people
And you can rule me

And when the playin's over
We'll nod our sleepy heads
We're gonna pack up our toys
And go straight to bed

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