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Terrorvision My House Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2012 12:00:00 PM

In my house, there's a place I can hide,
When I feel a surge of self pity,
In my house there's a place where I sit,
And watch the violence on the telly,
In my house there's a kitchen,
Where we eat, drink and cook,
And in my house there's an attic at the top,
where my sister and her boyfriend go.
My house, get down the stairs,
My house, 'till your dad gets home,
My house, listen son there's a few rules you should know,
About living in My house, do as you're told,
My house, have you got that straight,
My house, if you wanna own it then you just better wait.

In My house, there's a bathroom,
It's a lovely shade of green,
In My house, there's a best room,
And mum keeps that real clean,
In My house, there's five bedrooms,
And there's only four of us,
In My house, there's an alley down the back,
And a hut that ain't up to much.