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Jacquees My Girl Lyrics

Last updated: 06/04/2014 07:10:26 AM

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Everybody in the hood knows that chuu my girl yea leggo

You ain't gotta ask cause imma hold you down like four flats
You ain't you ain't gotta ask cause imma hold you down like

Oh I never thought things would change
Cause we been together every since the first grade
And I remember when you used to wear your braids
You told me you was digging your fresh new jays
When we was younger we always used to say
We gone end up splitting up one day
And now its here today gone be the day
They gone come and take my away


Everybody in the streets know you can ask the people
That chuu my girl
I can take you around the hood lets get this understood that chuu my girl
You my girl [8x]

Remember sneaking on the phone
Or sneaking out your window when your momma got home
No you remember when I tried to led you on
You stopped me in my tracks and you said boy we ain't grown
Girl that had to be the day
I knew you was the one and I forever stay
But today gone be the day they gone come take my shawty away



From the hood to the 'burbs around the world I know they heard [2x]
That chuu my girl [4x]
Everybody in the hood knows that you my girl

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