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Jimi Hendrix My Friend Lyrics

Last updated: 05/29/2011 11:00:00 AM

Hey, look out for my glass up there, man!
That's my drink, man, that's my drink, alright...
Make it a double, or eh...
Somebody has to sing
Some body will sing?
Somebody will sing, right?
(I don't know!)

Y'all pass me that bottle,
And I'll sing you all a real song
Let me get my key, ahum!

Well, I'm looking through harlem
My stomach squeal just a little more
A stagecouch full of feathers and footprints,
Pulls up to soap?box door
Now a lady with a pearl?handled necktie
Tied to the driver's fence
Breathes in my face,
Bourbon and coke possessed words
& quot;haven't I seen you somewhere in hell,
Or was it just an accident? '
(you know how I felt then, and so..)

Before I could ask 'was it the east or west side?'
My feet they howled in pain
The wheels of a bandwagon cut very deep,
But not as deep in my mind as the rain
And as they pulled away I could see her words
Stagger and fall on my muddy tent
Well I picked them up, brushed them off,
To see what they say,
And you wouldn't believe..
`come around to my room, with the tooth in the middle,
And bring along the bottle and a president'

And eh sometimes it's not so easy, baby
Especially when your only friend,
Talks, sees, looks and feels like you,
And you do just the same as him
(gets very lonely up this road, baby)
(yeah, hmmm, yeah)
(got more to say!)

Well I'm riding through la (huh),
On a bicycle built for fools
And I seen one of my old buddies
And he say, 'you don't look the way you usually do'
I say, 'well, some people look like a coin-box'
He say, 'look like you ain't got no coins to spare'
And I laid back and I thought to myself, and I said this..
I just picked up my pride from underneath the pay phone,
And combed this breath right out of my hair
And sometimes it's not so easy
Especially when your only friend
Talk, sees, looks and feels like you,
And you do just the same as him

Just got out of a scandinavian jail,
And I'm on my way straight home to you
But I feel so dizzy I take a quick look in the mirror,
To make sure my friend's here with me too
And you know good well I don't drink coffee,
So you fill my cup full of sand
And the frozen tea leaves on the bottom
Sharing lipstick around the broken edge
And my coat that you let your dog lay by the fire on
And your cat he attacked me from his pill?box ledge
And I thought you were my friend too
Man, my shadow comes in line before you
I'm finding out that it's eh not so easy
Specially when your only friend
Talks, looks, sees and feels like you,
And you do the same just like him

(lord it's so lonely here, hmmm, yeah)
(pass me that bottle over there...)
Yeah, yeah, okay...

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The correct lyrics... | Reviewer: Jay | 5/28/11

Ya got it pretty spot on, man..with a couple minor errors, but since it was kind of an improv style song there's always gonna be a few 'uh' and 'ya know' missed....

@ Timothy Tunson, sorry dude but it's not "corn pop" it's "coin box" (Sounds like you had the munchies, hah) and not, "'walk', sees, looks and feels..." it's "'talks', sees, looks..." and "you do just the same as him" not "just like him" So there ya have it...

And yes, he was obviously referring to himself, "I take a quick look in the mirror, to make sure my friend's here with me too.."

From a true Jimi fan with dozens of albums and who's clocked thousands of Jimi listening hours
Awesome tune,Cheers!

My Friend | Reviewer: Tyler | 11/16/10

Somehow I only just heard this song today. Really powerful lyrics though. "Especially when your only friend talks, sees, and feels like you, and you do the same as him." It's not a physical friend but himself, specifically his shadow(notice how he actually mentions the shadow at the end). I agree that some of his blues-y stuff needs to be more public.

the corect lyrics to My friend. | Reviewer: Timothy Tunson | 8/24/10

well Im riding through LA sitting on a bicycle built for fool and I seen one of my old buddies.he say ; you dont look the way you use to do. I said ah some people look like a corn pop; he said look like you aint got no corn to spare; so I layed back and I thought to myself;so I just picked up my pride from underneath the payphone and comb his breath right out of my hair;you see cause ah sometimes its not so easy,specially when your only friend;walk, sees ,looks and feel likes you and you do just like him.

these lyrics have been with me in my mind for approx 35 years.

great obscure Jimi | Reviewer: Brian Newsham | 12/2/09

I never get tired of listening to this great gem in Jimi's collection. One of my favorite songs of all time from any artist. You know when you talk to most people they have no idea how great Jimi is or why he is regarded as one if not the best at what he did. The reason is because mainstream classic rock stations literally play his worst songs regularly. I could do without ever hearing Fire or Foxy Lady ever again. there are so many great ones to choose from, why just a select few that don't really give you the true picture of his greatness.

The Meaning of My Friend | Reviewer: Steev Fleet | 11/9/07

What Hendrix is singing about to me is quite apparently loneliness. Who 'talks, looks, sees, and feels' like him? He does. It's himself. The reason it's not so easy is because his only friend is himself.

There are also many other references to himself. For instance, the one about his shadow towards the end of the last verse.

hmm..pretty deep | Reviewer: vratik sharma | 6/6/07

well these lyrics remind me of a frnd of mine...
who actually thot to act like isnt everyday that u come across such frnds...
aspirations build on endless queries...queries that can b only freed from the help of a frnd...a frnd who
i firmly blive hendrix had such one frnd...whom he lost due to some unknown reason...hes done pretty well to let his frnd knw bout the times he misses without him or her...