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My death waits like an old roué
so confident I'll go his way
whistle to him and the passing time...
My death waits like a bible truth
at the funeral of my youth
weep loud for that -
and the passing time...
My death waits like
a witch at night
as surely as our love is bright
let's not think about the passing time

But whatever lies behind the door
there is nothing much to do...
angel or devil, I don't care
for in front of that door...
there is you.

My death waits like a beggar blind
who sees the world through an unlit mind
throw him a dime
for the passing time...
My death waits there between your thighs
your cool fingers will close my eyes
lets think of that and the passing time
My death waits to allow my friends
a few good times before it ends
so let's drink to that and the passing time

But what ever lies behind the door,
there is nothing much to do
angel or devil I don't care
for in front of that door... there is you

My death waits there among the leaves
in magicians mysterious sleeves
rabbits and dogs and the passing time
my death waits there among the flowers
where the blackest shadow, blackest shadow cowers
let's pick lilacs for the passing time

My death waits there, in a double bed
sails of oblivion at my head
so pull up the sheets
against the passing time

But whatever lies behind the door
there is nothing much to do
angel or devil...i dont care
for in front of that door
there is... [audience shout, "Me"]

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Really Bowie 'fans' | Reviewer: P Joker B | 6/18/14

A lot of misinformation and misinterpretation of this song.
As has been mentioned it's a cover of a transalation (Alive and Well and Living in Paris) of a Jacques Brel song (as was Amsterdam; and surely you have noticed the striking resemblance between Rock n Roll Suicide and Jacques Brel's "Jeff"?).
The song is sung by Ziggy as a tribute.
It is available on 'The Motion Picture' and also 'Santa Monica 1972' (and the 'B' side of Sorrow). It was not on the original album 'Pin ups' but appeared on later CD releases.
There is also a weird live version (much updated) on you tube, worth a look.

a fool is the last | Reviewer: oldbowiefan | 8/31/10

Ziggy could not love; he was not real only a creation and a reflection of a roué as described. Confusion of youth and desire repleat from immaturity.

I may say it is in the category of Lady Grinning Soul which I think so many miss the meaning.

The real Bowie emerged post 50 or at least post Iman. Just check the progression of interviews. See the Hours concert from Paris. Take a relaity check and about love.

This song is not repeated.....

ziggy's death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/10

i'm completely in love with ziggy, have heard his songs over and over and still cry every time i hear this song. it is ziggy's death, the last performance he had: motion pictures. ill always morne... love him for everything he is and everyhing he has made me, through his songs, voice, words and his whole being... everything i feel for him just confuses me and yet fullfills me. and all this, while i have already found the love of my life, my soulmate, 10 years ago. i can truly say there are only 2 men i lov

to steff and emaan | Reviewer: youngrone | 2/19/10

Firstly Steff, you are quite right My Death was indeed writen by Jaques Brel (the guy was a genius)as was Amsterdam which was the B side of the vinyl single of SORROW. Amsterdam also appears on the covers album Bowie did PIN UPS. If you havent already listened to it,give it a go. Secondly Emaan, if you are becoming a fan of Bowie can I suggest you have a listen to any Jaques Brel you can get your hands on.("Jaques Brel is alive and well and living in Paris" is a very good place to start)wheather sung in French or English the music and lyrics are remarkable.
Good luck guys and rock on.

dicovery | Reviewer: Emaan | 1/26/10

i actually borrowed the vhs tape "Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" from my freind's dad after he overheard me talking about david bowie. quite frankly, i have only been listening to him for about a month now, and i just love his music, My Death in particular. its just so....real. (Honestly, being only 17, there is a lot of good stuff out there that i havent heard of yet).
the first time i actually heard of him was on an imfomercial for the midnight special. i immediatly youtubed him and got "space oddity" :) i love his uniqueness

the Excellent thin white duke | Reviewer: Frowner | 4/21/09

I have been listening to "My Death" ever since I first bought "the rise & fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars, the motion picture" on vinyl (LP) over 20 years ago, and what can I say quality never loses its lustre.
I used to love listening to it on the vinyl as vinyl has nuances that CDs just don't do.
The words entralled as me, as a melancholy teenager and I think it would be a cool funeral song.
I have always like the way David Bowie plays with words and ideas and think it is such a great pity that he is sooo quiet these days... :-(

MY Death | Reviewer: Steff | 2/9/08

This amazingly haunting song was written by Jaques Brell a prolific Belgian singer and song writer as was another one of Bowie's covers 'Amsterdam' which was a B side of a vinyl single, i don't recall which. I think Bowies version of which there are a few different live versions, are amazing and I never tire of listening to it. I may have it played at my funeral, later rather than sooner, hopefully

Lovely song... Really!!! Bowie's lovely too, and Ziggy's such a handsome guy... hehe. | Reviewer: ;;.-.+Zowie::l_l::Ziggy+.-.;; | 12/27/07

I love this song...
Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture isn't the best album of Bowie you could've imagined, the song's aren't performed on it's best, though it's a live album and maybe that's the reason... Though Ziggy was totally smashing at the last concert I think the performances weren't as smashing as he was (still is!!!)...

I only listen to this album because of it's last song, the beautiful: My Death.
So sad...
It makes me think.

Ziggy was perfect... Poor guy...

(The version of "Ziggy Stardust" on the Motion Picture album is quite lovely too!)

Great song.
Quite nice album...
If you're a Bowie fan, then you really need to go to a CD shop & buy it.

If you're a 'starting-fan' then first buy "Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars" or some other album, a good one's "The Singles Collection" too, really.

So, don't buy it when you're not that expierenced with Bowie's music (yet).

...Though Bowie fans, knowers of his songs and life (such as I) really need to go and buy it because "My Death" was never released on another Bowie album, it's only on Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture... so it's really worth listening!
The track "Ziggy Stardust" is, as I told you before, even more dashing then it was in the "normal (standard)" version, so that track's als worth listening!

Of course you could also download the album...
Though I don't think there are much websites who offer it in good (sound)quality, as even the CD hasn't have the best sound quality you could think of. But that isn't the CD's fault! (smiles) That's because the concert was in 1973!

(imitates Bowie/Ziggy) Thank you.

When you download/buy the album and listen to the track you'll mention Bowie saying "Shh, shh, please be quiet!" well that's because the audience was yelling, it's a pity they didn't cut it off the track... Oh well... I just wanted to warn 'ya of that because maybe it would make you sad or something... Lol.... (sad because the audience's fucking up the whole song... Well, not the whole, just the intro...)

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