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Killswitch Engage My Curse Lyrics

Last updated: 05/12/2013 01:55:27 PM

I watched you walk away
Hopeless, with nothing to say
I strain my eyes
Hoping to see you again

This is my curse (the longing)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the yearning)
This is my curse

There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?
Will you be there?

Your silence haunts me
But still I hunger for you

This is my curse (the wanting)
This is my curse (time)
This is my curse (the needing)
This is my curse

There is love burning to find you
Will you wait for me?

And still I want
And still I ache
But still I wait
To see you again

Dying, inside, these walls [2x]

And I see your face in these tears
In these tears
And I see your face...

There is love [8x]

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And i see your face,in these tears | Reviewer: Jared_Williams | 5/10/13

Well,i love this girl by the name of Nicole Joseph...but the problem here is that she does'nt,leave love me,does'nt like of me...and it really hurts inside of me...but still i love her so much,im not giving up on as been over 3 years that i love her...and yet when i see her at school,she's like ''Hey,sometimes smiles'' and this song really brings strenghtens me...''Killswitch Engage'' you guys are really an inspiration for the Youth of today guys...keep up the ''Blessed'' work guys,lots of support and Love from Jared_Williams.

Long Distance is a Curse | Reviewer: John Kramer | 5/7/13

This song is a long distance relationship, the curse is loving someone even though you will probably never see them again and the eminent break up that comes as a result. For everyone out there who feel this pain, I am in it right now... and although their is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is a gleaming opening waiting to present itself to you.

waiting... | Reviewer: Tea | 4/24/13

I love the song. i was in love with someone... doesn't matter. i still love him. he is married now, have a nice daughter. i cannot give up waiting for him. i just can't! this is my curse. i hope you guys all get better! greetings from Hungary! :)

heartbroken | Reviewer: kim | 2/13/13

This song is a powerhouse and has significant meaning to me. To me, it is about a man who is suffereing tremendous depression and is pushing the woman he loves away as a part of his illness and method of isolation. He doesnt want to be like this but he cannot love and be there for her the way he wants to be.

"Inside these walls" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/12

I love this song, It is very dear to me.
I think that the song is about the death of a loved one. This is just my interpretation, but "dying inside these walls" and "will you wait for me" seem to be indications that the loved one has crossed a barrier that needs to be crossed. I might just be morbid, but I think that this barrier (which is represented in the video as a bookshelf), is death.
The walls mentioned in the lyrics are the boundaries of life and death.
A tip to those out there who have feelings unanswered, love isn't a physical thing. I have had both ends of that, and neither is fun to go through. I might be weird, but love to me is just that if that person is happy, I am too. Also, just because someone doesn't have feelings for you in that way, doesn't mean that they don't care about you.

Interpritation | Reviewer: Zakair | 9/23/12

"My Curse" pertains to the theme of dwelling on a dead loved one. The woman in the white dress in the field represents the man in black's life with her when he felt happy and free. The dark study is an embodiment of his depression after her metaphoric death (To see you again/Dying, inside, these walls/ Dying, inside, these walls), and the books the man flips through throughout the video represent his memories of her. After her death, he dwells on her absence (I strain my eyes, hoping to see you again) and tries to find a way to be with her again (There is love burning to find you / Will you wait for me? / Will you be there?). Ultimately, his memories consume him; however, as his memories finally kill him, he is finally able to reunite with his love (And I see your face). The man's "curse" is that he is trapped in a life where he is unable to be with the woman he loves (This is my curse, the longing / This is my curse, time / This is my curse, the yearning).

Dying inside these walls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/12

It's about a man and woman very much in love who are apart because the man is incarcerated. Seen the video? The man is crossing off days on a calendar. He wants back with his Baby. I love this song. I have it for my ringtone on my least until my Handsome gets out of prison and comes home...then we're getting married!

Love lost | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/12

I think this song talks about a lost relationship and the desire of the song's protagonist to retrieve his past love, like suggested by the verse "Still I Want, And Still I Ache, But Still I Wait, To See You Again": there's the will of recover anything lost, the hurt of something wrong done in past, and the waiting and hoping of seeing again his dear beloved.
Another proof of the fading love can be found in "I watched you walk away, Hopeless, with nothing to say, I strain my eyes, Hoping to see you again": it's clearly speaking about her going away from him, and his struggling regret.
The song title itself talks about the "curse", a punishment which is pertaining to him.
I think of that because of a personal experience.

You've all got it wrong in my eyes | Reviewer: Really | 5/13/12

I believe this song is more about love over distance, It applies to me because me and my ex girlfriend were and still are very much in love. She had to move across the country with her father but we still don't date other people much because we are still in love. To me its a song about "I will get back to you, please wait for me" but when the verse "dying inside these walls" makes me think maybe its a love story about a prisoner or convict. As far as all you people saying that the girl you said you love doesn't love you back, I'll tell you why: She loves you more than a boyfriend, she loves you like a brother and she doesn't want to lose that. Get over it, you don't want to date your sister so move on.

I still hunger for you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/11

Haven't seen a song that's got always someone that feels it's so damn true. As you have lived it, there's the girl, very close to you, then you know that either she's in love w/ your best friend or she would ignore you if you decide to tell her everything...
Still get a move on... if you keep waiting you'll lose, either take her head-on or totally forget about her.

#1 song in my Playlist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/11

I've loved this song since 07' the day my friend died , I cried and listened to this , the girl I loved left and lives a happy life , and I pretend my life is perfect . My heart still goes out for my friend Alex , my heart still goes out for my ex melanye . I know I will see them again. I'm no longer alone. I know there is love yet.

related | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/29/11

This is a great song. Really reminded me of my situation until today actually ha. My gf dumped me and I still love her. She left me in the dark about whether we would get back together or not and we weren't talking. It really hurt. But today she finally called me and it looks like my luck is increasing :)

Dying inside these walls | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

Such a powerful song, I used to listen to this all the time when I was in like year 8 but I never knew what it was all about. Now I'm in college, picked up some old cd's and this song came on, and it just relates to me so well. I fell for a girl, we became such close friends, I loved her, but when I finally had the courage to ask her out, she tells me that she is in love with my best friend who's like a brother to me. We're still friends but it's not the same as it used to be.

I love you all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/22/11

Thanks you guys all. Reading all these comments I no longer feel alone. I too, feel like this song really applies to me and it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. Just remember to stay strong through the struggle and things will get better. Let's prove them all wrong and make them regret playing us like that!

there is love burning to find you will you wait for Me?And istill want And istill ache And istill wait | Reviewer: anoymous | 7/20/11

This song is very good......ican in A way some how relate bcause im N luv with Mi best friend bt she doznt feel that way for Me which makez Mi heart hurt more then you can imagine....wen ifirst Met her i...fell N luv itz relly hard tew xplain bt she knoz ifeel thiz way im glad we're still friendz bt evry tyme itlk tew her ifeel..sad bt happy iwant her to be Mine bt iknow tha will nvr happen iended up finding out she waz N luv w// a boii Meh N her we're both VERY close tew tha boii New iwaz N luv w// her..she wantd tew date hym N iaskd hym if he wud date her ofc he said yeah which is heartbreakinq tew Meh ihavnt tlkd tew eiethr of them....ifound out the qurl iluvd waz qoinq tew italy...she didnt evn tell Meh itz lyke im fuckinq invisible..