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Release Date: 06/08/2004
Tracks in Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge: Helena, Give 'Em Hell, Kid, To The End, You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), The Ghost Of You, The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You, Interlude, Thank You For The Venom, Hang 'Em High, It's Not A Fashion Statement, It's A Deathwish, Cemetery Drive, I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, Bury Me In Black

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge Album Tracklist

Mcr | Reviewer: Person | 7/12/14

I remembered hearing about my chemical romance and so I listed to quite a few of their snag and fell in love with they're music. I did some research only to find out that mcr had split up last year😕

Amazing. | Reviewer: Sunset | 8/7/12

Probably my favourite My Chemical Romance album. Love every single song they've ever released, but these mean the most to me.
After watching Life On The Murder Scene I found out what the meaning is behind this album and also the first album and it just completely took me by surprise.
I'm glad to say I don't like this band just because they're hot.
I love this band because they set out wanting to save people's lives and that's exactly what they've done :)

Effin sweeeeet | Reviewer: Charlee | 6/28/11

MyChem has advanced so much over the years. Every album they have is great. Three Cheers has much more emotion than Bullets, but that's only because it was more of an emotional time for them. But don't mind me, I'm not trying to start a war on here. O_O To Keshona: This is a couple years too late and you probably don't check back or have already found the answer but JUST in case, Kill All Your Friends isn't on any album, but a B-Side. It's actually on the B-Side for The Black Parade. :)

Awesome band, man. | Reviewer: Keshona | 11/7/09

Okay, I haven't actually got the album yet, or any. But man, can Gerard sing! And he is super gorgous.They all are, well, Ray is the only exception. No offense. I listen to all their songs, like, every night. I'm 13 and told my mum about the song Kill All Your Friends, and she was like, WHAT THE FUCK???!!! Oh, and I've noticed that song isn't on any albums. Do ya know why.

Fucking Sweet! | Reviewer: Jazmin | 10/24/07

I love My Chemical Romance to death. They are all cute, talented, and all together flippin sweet! I love their music! ROCK ON!

Fuckin' Aye | Reviewer: Andrea | 5/6/07

I love this CD to death. It so much better than Bullets, and completely different from The Black Parade. They are definately a well-rounded band that's going to be around for ages. Not to mention, they're freaks on stage.

And I agree with Emily. They're sexy as all f*ck.
And Gerard looks like a cute little sad emo Gerard puppy in "I Don't Love You". I want a cute little sad emo Gerard puppy. :]

three cheers for sweet revenge | Reviewer: megzyz | 4/1/07

i have loved mcr since the twin tower attack where they formed!!!

i just love this album especially cementary drive,helena,the ghost of you and im not okay (i promise)!!

this album roks!!
i have seen them live and it was imense!

mcr rox!!


Fuckin' amazing | Reviewer: Emily | 7/18/05

This cd is INCREDIBLE! I love the blending of aggressive and violent lyrics with more melodic music. Both of their cds are amazing. I HIGHLY recommend this. (and as a sidenote...most of the band members are hotter than hell...)

My Chemical Romance Mexico | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/05

I really love this albummmm in a very very hot way!!!!! haha Helenas Song is my favorite and also the video is aWESome!!!!!!!!!!!! i really recommend this album for all ages and people!!!!!!!!

What's life like bleeding on the floor | Reviewer: Scissors | 4/5/05

My Chemical Romance's second album is a deathly good follow-up to their first. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge combines depressed lyrics, upbeat rhythms, and macabre songs while holding an eerie yet incredibly appealing image. Sure, many bands try, but MCR seems to be the only one who can pull "it" off.

andrew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/05

man this cd is crazy, all the songs are so aggressive, i think thtas what makes it so good, its so different from i brought my bullets you brought me your love, Helena, thank you for the venom anf im not ok i promise are definitly the standouts on this album, and the film clips to helena and im not ok i promise are insane too, buy this album, theres so many good revenge ideas in the songs the cd has been quite useful to me that way...

Uh-mazin'! | Reviewer: Zowie | 4/3/05

This is album is so awesome! I'm not okay(I promise) is definately one of my favourites, if you are a fan of Greenday I think you will like this too. =)

great!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/05

i just started liking MCR last year, i only have this album but it kicks ass!!!! i love frankie! :-D

Riot | Reviewer: Victoria | 3/28/05

I just bought this album not knowing of band. And I wasn't mistaken - now it is the best for me after Sum 41! When I listen to this album I get so much energy that I just want to destroy everything around me!
Listen to this album and get in good mood!!!

awesome | Reviewer: mikey | 2/5/05

i agree with nicole, this cd is fuckin' incredible! buy it now and have no regrets.

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