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Okay, this is the same biography but there was a few mistakes so I fixed them for you.

Based in New Jersey, My Chemical Romance is an alternative pop/rock and punk-pop band that has been compared to Thursday and, to a lesser degree, Cursive. Many of their songs are loud, fast, hyper, and aggressive, but My Chemical Romance's work also tends to be melodic and pop-minded. My Chemical Romance got started in the early 2000s, when lead singer Gerard Way and drummer Matt Pelissier decided to try writing some songs together. The first tune that Way and Pelissier -- who had been friends since high school -- came up with was called "Skylines and Turnstiles" (a title reflecting the fact that Way had been working in New York City, where he was in the animation field. This is also about the 9-11 attack). Way and Pelissier both felt good about the song, and Way asked guitarist Ray Toro if he would be interested in working with them. My Chemical Romance's five-man lineup was complete when Way, Pelissier, and Toro joined forces with bassist Mikey Way (Gerard Way's brother) and guitarist Frank Iero. With that lineup in place, the band started playing all around the Northeast Corridor and made plans to begin working on its first album.

In 2002, Eyeball Records (the New York-based indie that Thursday had recorded for) released My Chemical Romance's debut album,(Mikey had been working at Eyeball for an Intership) I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. The album was often compared to Thursday -- a comparison that, for various reasons, was inevitable and unavoidable. Both bands were from New Jersey, both had recorded for Eyeball, and both combined punk-pop's musical aggression with introspective, confessional lyrics. Plus, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was produced by Geoff Rickly, Thursday's lead singer -- add all of those things up, and there was no way that My Chemical Romance was going to escape Thursday comparisons. But Thursday isn't their only influence; reviewers have cited the Smiths, Morrissey, the Cure,The Smashing Pumpkins and the Misfits as influences. And Way has even cited British heavy metal icons Iron Maiden as an influence.

Lyrically, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love is as dark as it is introspective and cathartic; Way has been quoted as saying that the band's lyrics were a great way for him to deal with the problems he had been going through (which included severe depression and a serious illness in his family). The 2002 release included Way and Pelissier's first song, "Skylines and Turnstiles," and many of the album's other song titles were equally intriguing, including "Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us," "Drowning Lessons," "Headfirst for Halos," "Our Lady of Sorrows," and "Vampires Will Never Hurt You." In 2003, My Chemical Romance signed with Reprise/Warner Bros.

Their Second Album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge" was released in late 2004. The First single "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)", a high speed anthem for the contiually downtrodden and rejected, caught America off-gaurd and put MCR (My Chemical Romance) in the spotlight almost overnight.

The second single "Helena" a slow almost haunting ballat (but not really, it's also very up-beat) dedicated to Elena Rush (the Way brothers' late grand mother.) Brings to mind "The Cure", other noteworthy songs on the album are "The Ghost of You", "Thank You for The Venom" and "To The End". My Chemical Romance was also Featured on this years "A Taste Of Chaos" tour this spring and also go a half hour concert special on the "Fuse" music network.

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Amazing!! | Reviewer: Chloeee_x | 5/22/12

MCR are my favourite band, and I can honestly say that they have saved my life. They are truly beautiful, amazing and inspirational people. I don't know where I'd be without them <3

Wow... | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/21/11

Some people see MCR as an emo band idol. But truthfully, any band can be. If you people didn't know this, emo is short for emotion. I am considered emo i guess. I just don't display the image. I don't want to be judged. I mean, i wear darker shades of clothes, but it's because i personally like them and i look better in them. But emos are judged and a lot of times called attention whores. Maybe they are. But did anyone ever think about the fact we're trying to do so to give out a message? Emos are usually more artistic than most people. Some emos are emo to show off their talents. But i think emos are just trying to get across to you that the arts and music are a meaning to many and support lives. I don't blame anyone for being creeped out by emos, but i don't think it's right. We can look goth and all, but we plan to enjoy life. Goths on the other hand... Well they don't know reasons to live and don't try to find one. Just think about this. Because MCR displays the look of emos at points in time, but they aren't trying to be. It just works for the band and gets people to notice them. A very good band in my personal opinion.

^_^b | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/11

MCR is great in such a way that they can change and not get stuck up in some music clique because people like them that way :))
...and their lyrics are epic, you can come up with loads of self-interpretations and still mean the same song.

Not enough words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/11

this band are soooooo amazing, there aren't enough words to describe how awesomely awesome they are!!! just my opinion but I'm pretty sure that NO-ONE can listen to one of their songs without loving it!!!

mcr | Reviewer: vckerrkills | 1/3/11

Everyone has there opinions and mine is that this band is amazing if I could rate there would be no number to describe them but I felll in love with this band before I even knew there name which my favorite song was last famous words but then i listen to the latest which dead!,nanana,and sing. Which our now my favorite and I will go to there consert in may 17!!!!

Help?? | Reviewer: Maddi | 12/21/10

Does anybody know what year they toured with Greenday? Cause years ago I remember seeing them in concert and I can't for the life of me re call what year! It was before black parade and basically before anyone new about them, I believe. Help? Oh and I think it was over 5 years ago.. I'm not sure though

Project Info | Reviewer: Gabby | 4/20/10

I am 12 years old and I am in the sixth grade, and over spring break (which is happening right now and I am loving it:) my class was assigned a music assignment on the band of their choice. There was a list of decades from 1960's to 2000's and I was so overjoyed when I saw MCR under the 2000's column. I started working on gathering information on the band (all the stuff I didn't already know) and this site gave me all the info I needed, now I just finished my PowerPoint and it...kinda rocks.

MCR ROX! | Reviewer: Amanda | 12/29/09

i luv all of the band members and their music! I belive they saved people's lives i mean maybe it has a certain effect on people! but i luv the song, "ghost of you" and all of the others! they are the coolest band with the greatist music and the hottest band members! all the boys @ my school call me emo now just cuz i like them but i couldnt care less lol... MCR 4 ever!!! <3

MCR | Reviewer: Megg | 12/18/09

There isn't any other band out there that can make you feel sad, angry & happy all in one song like My chem. I give props to my ex bf who made me listen to them because now there the only band i listen to... all day everyday and they replay in my head co0nstantly. Their music has also helped me deal with situations in my life & for that, i thank them

Skylines | Reviewer: Mixail | 12/8/09

Ummm Skylines and Turnstiles wasn't a reflection on Gerards time in new york. It was written after he witnessed the 9-11 attacks and realised life is short and he wasn't doing what he wanted with his life.

sexii singers!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

i dont really care all about them its just that in the video of_welcome to the black parade_the lead singer and drummer are really cute lol and really cut
and the leader got a reall cute smitl ans look good with short hair and it being blond of black lol just sayin

omfg | Reviewer: gabby | 11/2/09

this is epic.. they have their own type of sound and i fell in love.. this music is what is going through my mind on a regular basis so thank you my ex bf for making me listen to them.. i have found a new respect for this band

My opinion | Reviewer: Michael | 7/21/09

I love My Chemical Romance but I disagree with them being called a goth rock band or a punk pop band. I think the music they create is more like punk metal. It has the speed and lyrics of punk but also has the aggression and guts of heavy metal. I also think there music is heavily misinterpreted.

Nostalgia, what? | Reviewer: William | 5/10/09

Ahh looking through these lyrics...epic. My Chemical Romance is a truly talented band (Yes My Chem, not Gerard. I love the man, but he gets too much attention over the other members)

The one thing that's getting on my nerves is people ignoring The Black Parade b-sides! They were all amazing songs, with My Way Home is Through You being the best..

But yeah, Kudos to a truly talented and inspiration band, it was them who first inspired me to go into music

mcr is lol | Reviewer: juana | 5/3/09

i used to be sooooo obsesed with them..until i realised they were killing my fun and i thought i had to be sad to connect with them..they changed me into a FREAK!!!!!but yeah you can love them..i did..youl forget them just like i did

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