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Toadies My Bones Lyrics

Last updated: 03/28/2003 09:32:48 PM

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my bones are forever in
my hopes live in him
i can feel my bones when I see them grin
I wanna be more than ??
into the sea

when i'm an old man i will think of these things
i can see the bones pushing through my skin
my body aches
my ?? skin
i wanna be ?? an old man sailing?? into the sea
ok, ok
if i hollar
my breath was rushing
through the hollow of my body
if i cry
my tears will dry
in the desert of my body
my body aches!
my ?? ?? is dead
my body aches!
my bones are dead
i wanna be ?? an old man sailing into the sea ??
my ?tumor? is dead
my ?tumor? is dead
my bones are dead dead dead dead

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