My Bloody Valentine Lyrics

It took several years for My Bloody Valentine to capture
their groundbreaking hybrid of ethereal melodies and
studio-orientated, discordant sounds that proved so
influential on the independent scene of the late 80s. Their
roots lay in Dublin, where singer/guitarist Kevin Shields
and drummer Colm O'Ciosoig formed My Bloody Valentine in
1984, before moved to Berlin, to be joined by vocalist Dave
Conway (vocals) and Tina (keyboards). A mini-album, This Is
Your Bloody Valentine, on the Tycoon label in 1984, made
little impression and the More...

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Review about My Bloody Valentine songs
Depth of Feeling | Reviewer: Ian
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

So lovely, this. When inside I am wandering, wounded and lost, I can listen to this song and it is a sweet and soothing balm for my heart.

Loveless is my favorite album of all time. Sometimes is a facet on a gem of indescribable and wonderous beauty.

Just something... | Reviewer: mondayswimmer
    ------ About the song When You Sleep performed by My Bloody Valentine

I've had the Loveless album for sometime now and it still gives me chills. "Sometimes" is a great track but when I want something more up beat "When you sleep" never fails. The whole album is solid, this is just more iceing on the cake.

stranga feelin | Reviewer: Slava
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

tday in the morning i was readin an iterview with Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) my tru love band 4 life ! and there he speaks bout My Bloody Valentine. I heard bout them but dont remember from who and when... it doesnt matter. so i eneterd youtube and typed ... 1st song was Sometimes. U know it makes me warm in me ! really. it makes me wanna hug my girl and kiss her. my girl that makes me warm in my heart. the one im lookin till now( its an amazing feeelin ! THANK YOU ! LOVE !!!!

Divinely inspired? | Reviewer: Amalea
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

This song sounds like it was sent by the cosmos. It is so devastatingly beautiful. I can listen to it a millions times and I never get tired of it. I makes me feel really high- it transports me somewhere nice. Yes all this, and Kevin's voice haunts me, in a good way - I don't know how else to describe it other than it's just hugely sexy, and it causes me to have eargasms, so Thank You sir!

p.s. i don't think all the lyrics are accurate but i guess we're not meant to figure it out completely. :)

lol | Reviewer: lol
    ------ About the song Soon performed by My Bloody Valentine

The lyrics aren't straight-forward and honest, they're borderline-retarded. This band got away with writing shit lyrics by drowning them out. The end result is nice but it's absolutely not worth understanding.

Not recorded live | Reviewer: Tommy
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

Just a note to say this album was not recorded live. It took several years, several producers, and lots of grief for the artist and for the record label. What's amazing is Kevin Shield's perseverence under pressure from the record label to just get it done. He wouldn't bow down to the label and kept on working on Loveless until he got the album he wanted. He was dropped from the label after this was released because the label didn't want to deal with him anymore.

A Masterpiece by Any Other Name | Reviewer: Goo
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

Having heard wonderful things about Loveless, I got the album about two days ago. I listened to a few songs here and there and concluded that I liked it. However, last night I decided I needed to get the full effect of the album. I just layed in bed and listened to Sometimes. It blew me away so much that I had to listen to it twice through. It is now one of my favorite songs and without a doubt, one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.

oooo0oooo000oooo | Reviewer: Drive_like_me
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

partially the reason why i do alot of things. this band makes driving anywhere interesting. they are the gaziest band ive ever heard. they recorded loveless live which adds to their unprecedented UNPARALLELED sound. those frequencies weaving from lows to hi's its really quite impossible to redo this. the magnitude of this band is unfathomable .. What you want will always be my fav pick.<3MBV

I agree! | Reviewer: Mille
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

Wauw, it's so cool to find people who feel the exact same way. I also discovered the song in "Lost In Translation" - great soundtrack. I just LOVE this melancholy distortion on the guitar. It's so beautiful and I just can't concentrate on anything when I listen to it. "Just like Honey" by Jesus and Mary Chain also has this "Wauw"-effect too I think. I love this kind of depressive shoegaze-music.

Wow | Reviewer: Alex
    ------ About the song Sometimes performed by My Bloody Valentine

The definition of a young adult's life in just a few verses..beautiful. The arrangments of random thoughts along with the distorted instrumentals is simply amazing. It's confusing but at the same time makes perfect sense. I've always been a fan of strange music thats not main stream but this song still blows me away every time I hear it.

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