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The Charlie Daniels Band My Baby Plays Me Just Like a Fiddle Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2003 11:32:49 PM

My baby plays me just like a fiddle
She knows I love her a lot not a little
I'm just a stick that she likes to whittle
I got a heart and she's in the middle of it
I got the hoe cakes she's got the griddle
My baby plays me just like a fiddle

I come home at night
She wants to go dancin'
I'm so doggone tired
I just don't feel like romancin'
Then she walks into the room
With those blue jeans painted on
Then I change my tune
It's always the same old song


My buddies call to ask
If I want to go fishin'
For some large mouth bass
Then she says she's been wishin'
We could stay at home
Then she gives me that look
She's got that red dress on
And she's got me on the hook


She's goes to the stereo
Takes of my Lynyrd Skynyrd
She puts on Julio
And the light starts gettin' dimmer
She says I love you
Puts them arms around my neck
I smell French perfume
And I know what's coming next


My baby plays me just like a fiddle