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Shakin' Stevens My Baby Died Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2012 12:00:00 PM

My girl and I went for a ride one night
The sky was dark but the moon was bright
My ford it gleamed with shiny chrome
I didn't know I'd never take her home

We met Johnny who was jealous of me
He'd challenged us to a race you see
My girl said no, this you mustn't do
But my show down with Johnny was way over due

Johnny was driving in a hot rod car
I started the ford from my ma and pa
My car went fast, but Johnny went like a jet
My fists got clammy and all covered in sweat

We pushed ninety at the turnpike bend
If we don't stop, it's going to be the end
As we rode round the corner, I saw a mother and child
I swerved to the side but my steering went wide
My car hit Johnny all I saw was flames
With my hand I held onto my chain
I got out the car and fell on the street
I was I'd lost the one who made life sweet

Her fine young body was all battered and torn
And I was left with a ring she'd never worn
I picked her up and walked away
Though she's gone her love was here to stay
Oooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh