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At the age of 20, the members of Bremerton, Washington's
MxPx are already punk rock veterans. Heck, they've shared a
stage with the Sex Pistols (at Seattle's 1996 Bumbershoot
festival) - what more proof do you need that these guys are
the real deal?

They started proving it at an exceedingly young age.
Four years ago, three 15 year-old kids calling themselves
Magnified Plaid started pounding out music inspired by and
similar to the Descendants and other Southern California
pop-punk bands. They didn't really love their band name, More...

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Reviews about Mxpx songs

Dedicated to me. | Reviewer: carlaaa.
    ------ About the song Angels performed by Mxpx

This song is possibly one of the greatest songs EVER.
I had the privillege of meeting MxPx and going bowling with them. =D
So i asked them to perform this at their concert.
Not only did they perform it, but they DEDICATED IT TO MEEE! =D =D
greatest moment of my life.
I love MxPx.

AWESOME!!!!! | Reviewer: alyssa
    ------ About the song Role Remodeling performed by Mxpx

I really like this song. I how the lyrics say: We are going to change the world, and finally this is are time!! it is are time, to tell people about god!!

worsesy teacher ever (dirty little secret) | Reviewer: mistery princess
    ------ About the song Barbie Girl(punk cover) performed by Mxpx

just let me know what ive done wrong when i came here the whole year long. you just shout a time or two just to wast our time with you.tell me all that you keept away,shout out games you just know to play. and you are the only one that needs to know youre the worses teacher ever (worses teacher ever)i prefer someone else and with you never.(with you never) worses teacher ever. who has to know when a tamagotchi dies its the best way i dont survive. you just shout a time or two just to waist our time with you

We Also Did A Song Titled ELVIS IS DEAD Back In 1979 | Reviewer: Paul Hooson
    ------ About the song Elvis Is Dead performed by Mxpx

These lyrics seem way too complicated for my taste. I was a lead singer of a punk band, The Inputs, back in 1979 and our lyrics for a song we did called "Elvis Is Dead" were more simple like a lunatic chant and more catchy: "Elvis is dead, Elvis is gone, he cannot get it on". More simple and more catchy. Simple catchy stuff works well with listeners. New music has lost that simple style that 60's music had like bubblegum. New music has become way too complicated and has a big slump in sales to prove it.

you are the best! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I'm OK, You're OK performed by Mxpx

No! How can no one love this song? Yes I am a crazy lady./ girl is more like it. I love this song. Thank you I am okay. Are you okay. God bless you all. I hope you are all safe. and this song rocks my life. i love ya listen to this song. it is very cool!

WTF what is wrong with me? I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Responsibility performed by Mxpx

Thank you I do have it. I love this song. IO love you. I can not type in the dark. but get a friend. And listen to it. as in the song. you would looove me ... wait I mean the song. kiss kiss!!

UN LOVED | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Cold and Alone performed by Mxpx

Aww, no reviews. Don't worry. Yes I am the same girl who revied Foolish. I know I am so random. also I like unloved things. i never heard this song. I just clicked on the lyris and i saw it was unloved. sorry. well i am a little butthole. love ya!
What is my age again?

Awsome | Reviewer: esther
    ------ About the song Everything Sucks performed by Mxpx

i love this song
awsome lyrics
my favourite song from this band is - tomorrow is another day -

Awesome! | Reviewer: Shelby
    ------ About the song Without You performed by Mxpx

This song is awesome!!! i just wish it was longer!! but its still a great song!! ♥

It Rocks | Reviewer: Evan
    ------ About the song Wrecking Hotel Rooms performed by Mxpx

it is one of the best songs on the Panic album.

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