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Rammstein Mutter - Translation Lyrics

Last updated: 08/19/2014 11:10:15 AM

Here's the corrected version of the English lyrics.

The tears of an aged group of children
I pull on a white hair
Throw the wet chain into the air
And wish that I had a mother

No sun that shines anymore
No breasts which gives milk
There's a tube in my throat
I have no navel on my belly

Mutter, Mutter,
(Ja?, Ja?)
Mutter, Mutter,
(Ja?, Ja?)

I wasn't allowed to lick any nipples
And I had no fold to hide in
Nobody gave me a name
Conceived in haste and without seed

The mother that has never born* me
Have I sworn tonight
I shall give her a disease
And then drown her in the river

Mother, Mother
(Yes?, Yes?)
Mother, Mother
(Yes?, Yes?)

An eel lives in your lungs
On my forehead there's a birthmark
Remove it with a knife's kiss
Even if I have to die from it

Mother, Mother
(Yes?, Yes?)
Mother, Mother
(Yes?, Yes?)

An eel lives in your lungs
On my forehead there's a birthmark
Remove it with a knife's kiss
Even if I have to bleed to death from it


Oh, give me strength..

Mother, mother

Oh, give me strength..

Mother, mother

Oh, give me strength..

Mother, Mother!

Oh, give me strength....

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social critics? | Reviewer: riyelpicture | 8/18/14

despite of it's poetic lyrics and catchy music, I think this single has deep social critics in the lyric.. as modern day people tend to live in a free relationship, there are possibilities that they will born sons that the mother don't even want to born this little guy; and the father that cannot considered as legally a father..; lefted, the son then feels "beseitigt" or eliminated.. that's why then he cursed his own "mother" (eventhogh I think he not really cursed his mother, but he only cursed her action to not gave him even a name, not breastfeeding him, and so on; I think he loves his mom, and he love her with his own way..this could be seen from the latest part of the lyric, where there are chants "mutter...mutter". ) CMIIW..

Mutter | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/4/14

Usually people say that german is an ugly language. Mostly those who don't speak it. But it is beautiful. You can express yourself in so many ways.It's pretty hard to translate it. Mutter is my favorite song from rammstein. Even thought i love my mother more than anything in the world.

Absolutely Love It | Reviewer: Danleen | 2/22/13

This song has such a awesome rythym and beat.
I go nuts for this song and I love it.
The lyrics are heavy but I dont understand it when i listen to the song, so I just enjoy the song. I have the best mother ever and I know how much love we share, so I am not guilty at all by just listening to a song that is great.
Go Ramstein, keep up the good work, we love your music.

I'm shocked, I was hoping i'd 'humanitarian' and for well being | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/12

I am shocked, even scared. Normal cause I was expecting it would mention aspects about a mother, and certainly not killing his mom.

The good thing about having read the lyric and typing this is I want to write a poem about my interesting, you cannot get killed son' only you can kill you, lovely, be prudent son, mom.

I find Rammstein's Mutter, not-done and above all a historical imprint what lasts for centuries or even longer! What to react more, he should be put in jail.

The best | Reviewer: The Joker | 3/28/10

This is by far the best Rammstein song for me. This is very subjective,because I can feel most with it. The test-tube baby stroy is just a metaphor for Till's and Richard's unhappy relations they had with their mothers.I have the same issue,and therefore it menas most to me.Just perfection.

Mutter | Reviewer: Nele | 1/13/10

This song is so sad, the music makes it so complete. Rammstein always has it's way to make the music completing the song. The text is so sad, about a man who has never had love of a mother. In fact, he was created in a lab. That's horrifying! But the music makes it so beautiful!
Rammstein is just very GUT!

mutter | Reviewer: Rose | 8/21/09

love the lyrics, people don't always have to love their mother and be thankful that she brought you to this world
thank you rammstein, for making this song, with a lyrics that is not appreciated by society, but oo so treu to some people

Gives Me Cold Chills | Reviewer: Holly | 1/29/08

OMG! Whenever I listen to that song, it gives me cold chills down my song! It seems like such a sad song but yet it is fit to a perfect tune! This song by Rammstein is definitely one of my favorites!

\m/ ramms+ein rulz \m/ | Reviewer: dæfommicc | 1/3/08

i guessed dat this song meant "mother". damn all ramms+ein songs are so gud dat i have d feel dat i shud learn german. ramms+ein is cummin wid a new album tis year ... hope dey dont dissappoint us!!! rock on ramms+ein

? | Reviewer: Kelly | 12/29/07

this creeps the crap outta me..!
i actually got scared reading this..but i love the german version of the song (tho i never understood it)

It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up | Reviewer: Paul Bardo | 10/11/07

The whole album is fantastic, as is the eponymous Mutter. One of the things that makes Rammstein so great is the dark poetic nature of their lyrics, but unfortunately the German is quite difficult to translate. I hope my translation for this song makes it on here and that it helps people feel the full force of this song.

Sweet Song :D | Reviewer: Me | 9/11/07

I heard this song for the first time earlier today and since have listened to it like 30 times lol. I can't get enough of it.

It's so poetic in sound - the translation actually surprised me a bit (tho I guess it shouldn't have)

mutter, Mutter MUTTER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/07

Every time i listen to the song Mutter, the more i like, every time i learn more German and understand more lyrically and harmonically it is, like so many rammstein songs just fantastic!