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Pat McGee Must Have Been Love Lyrics

Last updated: 06/19/2005 11:00:00 AM

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Between these walls you will find me
I'll be waiting here for you
Just close your eyes
And I'll be standing
With my hands reached out to you

Don't start to cry
Baby, please don't cry

Chorus x2:
Must have been love
Could've been fate
Whatever it was it came much too late.

To touch your skin
Feel your breath upon me
Fills me up with life
Taste your love
Wash it down with every ounce of warmth inside.

Don't start to cry
Baby dry your eyes


My heart bleeds for you
Only for you
Your eyes tell the truth
I'm beggin' you
Don't start to cry.


You're touch has me so unover you
If I could just get one night with you
Your eyes tell me that you want me too
Can I come over and stay with you?

Some part of me says
You wanted to stay
The tears you would cry
Some other day
Could have been love
Should have been fate
Whatever it was it came much too late.

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