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Prince Musicology Lyrics

Last updated: 09/02/2014 05:18:40 PM

Heard about the party now
Just east o' Harlem
Dougie's gonna b there
But u got 2 call him

Even the soldiers
Need a break sometimes
Listen 2 the groove ya'll
Let it unwind ur mind

No intoxication
Unless u c what eye c
Dancin hot n' sweaty
Right in font of me

Call it what u like
I'm gonna call it how it b
This is just another one
Of God's gifts

Keep that party movin
Just like eye told you
Kick the old school joint
4 the true funk soldiers

Wish eye had a dollar
4 everytime u say
Don't u miss the feeling
Music gave ya
Back in the day?

Let's Groove
Earth, Wind and Fire
Hot Pants by James
Sly's gonna take u higher

Minor keys and drugs
Don't make a rollerskate jam
Take ur pick - turntable or a band?

If it ain't Chuck D
or Jam Master Jay
Know what?
They're losin'
'Cause we got a PhD in
Advanced Body Movin'

Keep the party movin'
Just like eye told u
Kick the old school joint
4 the true funk soldiers

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Lawdy! | Reviewer: Robin Elizabeth | 9/2/14

This song can get you funkin in your seat! He pumps this album up in perfect motion in this opening masterpiece! Keep on dancing if your mind can relax then let your body move! you will get up. So people that are to embarrassed to dance in front of others this song might knock out that shy dancer mentality!! TRY IT if you really deep down love to dance.

IT ABOUT TIME | Reviewer: Derrick | 7/3/04

I am an insomniac, and I listen to music a lot late at night whenever I cannot sleep, and I have heard the best of Prince and I have heard the not so best of Prince. I witnessed a change from a name PRINCE to a symbol O(+>. I thought that maybe the magic that was Prince had vanished because he had fallen so far after the break up he had with Warner Bros., but I am happy to say that the Royal One has returned, and I for one think it's about time. Prince will always be king of pop music.