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Nate Dogg Music & Me Lyrics

Last updated: 09/29/2013 08:07:00 AM

Hey OG,
could you tell me how to find some good weed
I need it homie oh so fast
That last bag was the best weed I've ever had
Bass so deep, I can't even seem to feel my feet

Girls so fine
I can't help it got to make this one mine
I hit em with my
gangs-ta, lean
They can't separate my music from me

Music, and me,
music, and,
music, and me
my music, and me

Time does change,
but the music, it remains the same
I hit 'em with the
music from the slaves
Oh my goodness what my ancestors gave
I don't want you to,
think I don't know,
They taught me, how to reach deep down and touch
the soul

Without my music,
where would I be
You taught me how to cry and still remain a G
You keep a lot of
sol-diers at ease
And together the next level we'll see
My music and me

Music, and me,
music, and,
music, and me
my music, and me

Music and me,
go, together,perfect harmony,
soft, and mellow
Or so hard it'll make your speakers explode
Stay with me
and together we will live out this dream
My music and me

Music and me,
music and,
music and me
my music and me

Music, and me,
music, and,
music, and me
my music, and me

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Musiq & Me | Reviewer: thando | 6/5/11

Went kraze when I heard dhis song for dha first time & I still cain't get enough of it. It's soO klean & Mellow.. & for dha love of musiq, man, although I love dhis song, it awso makes me realize how much I love musiq.. 'coz nuthen can separate me from mah musiq & nuthen can separate me from mah musiq. dhat song isz just toO real! May his Soul Rest In Peace. MUSIQ & ME.. If yu got love for Real musiq, dhis song will work for you

DEEP & SO CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: joselito | 9/10/07

HeY HEY HEY its joselito here. just getting it!! ITs the killer song here in cali,bakers , u just have to listen to this song. serious if u dont hear this song ur a WEAK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MADDEST SONG!! | Reviewer: Ashlee | 6/28/05

hey hey hey, its aunnie ash here. ne wayz just reveiwing this song. Its da maddest beat on the street in opo in nz. itz da gangsta hyme. u gotta listen to it. ITZ FO DA MAD AZ STONERS!