Mushroomhead Lyrics

Skinny - Drums
Schmotz - Keyboards
J Mann - Lead Vocals
Jeffrey Nothing - Lead Vocals
Pig Benis - Bass
Gravy - Guitar
Bronson - Guitar
DJ Stitch - Samples

In the Spring of 1993, a group of musicians from
Cleveland, OH came together to form a side project called
Mushroomhead. The intention was to create an eclectic blend
of extreme music combined with a vaudevillian stage show
that was bound to provoke a reaction, turn some heads and
leave an impression. From their first concert together in
the fall of that year, it was More...

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Review about Mushroomhead songs
Pop off | Reviewer: Bubblez
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

You never really don't know suffering till you suffered. Then you know peace. Strand by strand by strand. Being inside. You are the masterpiece. You can't judge till you known suffering. So stop judging. Were all masterpieces. Even if some part arnt perfect to fit the puzzle. Like Picasso paintings. Some people look at it as something to look at like this is boring or this ugly. But then it's some of the best masterpiece known all over the world. What you consider bad is good to someone else or what you consider good is bad to someone else. So don't be quick to judge. Your a masterpiece. Look in a mirror. You know who you are.

Government | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

The songs about the war for your soul in this world. Alot of their song has to do with the corrupt government and how they played a role in blinding us and deceiving our souls. And there's a calm before the storm and the western front is quite. The new masterpiece is the preconcieved agenda of the banking military elites. " all of your so called resolve but you haven't tasted pain". N the polluted water is exactly what it is, the government puts fluoride into our water supply. These filthy hands is another great song about it too.

mush | Reviewer: 43
    ------ About the song 43 performed by Mushroomhead

This is one of my all time favorite mushroomhead songs. I love that it is weird, the lyrics are strange, and the chorus is awesome. The badass or asshole line is something that I want to say to people all the time, and i have a similar opinion of god as apparently mushroom head doss.

Crazy | Reviewer: thirteen
    ------ About the song Thirteen performed by Mushroomhead

This version is way better than seals and the lyrics differ a little. This song reminds me of all the crazy good times ive had. And i get the feeling mushroomhead talks about drug reference in this a little more than seal.

Solitaire Unraveling | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

My brother (very religious) and I (not religious at all) went back and forth on this quite a bit.

His thoughts: It is a message to mankind that we cannot carry our own sins, that we should give up all hope and we will drown in our own river of blood (I'm paraphrasing a bit)

My thoughts: First of all, there is no river of blood in this video. It is simply polluted water. It is a song about struggle and pain that everyone endures in life - there is no escape from that and in this sense, all of us are condemned. The song is also correct that we cannot save our own lives, all of us will die eventually. The Trojan Rabbit is a symbol for the burden we pull from the moment we are born till the time we die. Why it's a rabbit beats me. Solitare is derived from the word "solitary" or aloneness. In essence, the song is about the aloneness of life that always ends in one way only, and that is death. All of that is true. It's not Satanic as my brother things.

Lesson To Be Learned: Stay away from church so you can think objectively

meaning? | Reviewer: Anon
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

It means whatever you want it to, if you think it's about a game of solitaire which the "new masterpiece" is your child and you are continously reincarnated through your childen and you suffer over and over again to get a job, fit in society only to start over again. Good. That's what it means then. The artist probably have their own meaning, and they might not, it might have just split onto the page like this. But until we ask them, we won't know. but we know Mushroomhead is amazing

Never knew mushroomhead was this good | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

I think its about self hatred and being alone most of your life because of it. Its a song about struggle, mainly. He's trying to perfect himself forever just so he can love himself, but never can achieve it. Therefore condemned. At least thats what it means to me, but it could be this and more.

good song, meaning video? | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

i think the video is more meaningful (u can understand more) the child that is been pulling the (i dont know) has been suffering and he cant kill himself... until he dies
"rembrandt as my right hand, solo as my pilot"
the "pilot" represents the child/old men that has to be pulling tha alone.....

My thoughts | Reviewer: Goth
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

I think it deals more with suicidal thoughts and the conflict that comes with them. I think convicted and condemned is more trapped in a state of solitaire and feeling and seeing your life unraveling. Strand by strand makes me think him severing ties, cutting himself down strand by strand analyzing everything realizing his masterpiece. You don't know peace til you've had suffering. (i also don't agree that it's What's Suffering, sounds like I've Suffered.) Maybe he overcame suffering and found his peace.

THE meaning | Reviewer: AEnima
    ------ About the song Solitaire Unraveling performed by Mushroomhead

This song is about life. in the music video the signs along the roads say "nowhere". Everything you work for is just made to make you suffer and ends in nothing, and you will only relive it through your children's pain in reincarnation. "Have You Ever Been Inside Of The New Masterpiece?". 'the new masterpiece' is your child. this is shown in the music video as being a rabbit, the symbol of new life. in the music video when the band goes inside the rabbit, it means they are going to be reborn as their children and relive it all over again. basically its a never ending cycle of pain for yourself.
"Solitaire Unraveling", Solitaire, yourself. Unraveling, finishing the game. and the thing is, when you finish one game of solitaire, you always just start a new one.

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