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Meet a band inspired by the two best bands of the last
decade (Nirvana and Radiohead). A band - average age 20 -
with eighty songs and four record deals around the world. A
band who've spent the 90's cut off and disenfranchised. A
band who won't be happy until they've ripped the heart from
your chest and shattered your eardrums. Meet MUSE. From
England. But not so you'd notice.

The rock trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Matthew
Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenhome and drummer Dominic
Howard. The group's emotive sound and live dates More...

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Review about Muse songs
STARLIGHT | Reviewer: Cmunkle
    ------ About the song Starlight performed by Muse

This song is about a girl that loves Matt, and he loves her, but she is taking hom away from "the people who care if he lives or dies"

Atheism | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Thoughts of a Dying Atheist performed by Muse

St. Augustine wrote:

"If thou hast been able to comprehend Him as thou thinkest, by so thinking thou hast deceived thyself."

And there is the major problem with theism(or specifically Christianity): if something is said to be unknowable then it can't be known to exist.

    ------ About the song Our Time Is Running Out performed by Muse

Whenever I hear this song i remember the person I once loved,hated and adored,I couldn't understand why he hated himself
for loving me too,so as he started hitting me ,I couldn't understand why he was doin this to me,but any attention was good attention,the drugs made us both monsters,he hurted me,I wrecked
him right back in the only way I knew how to,you see were both guys,I was out he was in the closet,he hated the fact he was gay,and made me pay for it

    ------ About the song MK Ultra performed by Muse

http: //
http: //
Muse joined the MTV EXIT Campaign with their unique music video to raise awareness of human trafficking produced in partnership with USAID. MK ULTRA video is the third installment in the MTV EXIT some things cost more than you realise trilogy following previous collaborations with Radiohead and The Killers. Directed by Colman Rasic, released globally on all MTV platforms on 17 September 2010, the video depicts the intersecting lives of 3 people who knowingly or unwittingly are driving the demand for cheap goods or services, resulting in the sexual and/or labour exploitation of young men and women.

My favourite | Reviewer: Maria
    ------ About the song Shrinking Universe performed by Muse

I find this particular song brilliant - I can listen to it over and over and over. The melogy is uniques it it captures sandness of universe so well. This is literally my favourite song not only by Muse but of all modern music, absolutely amazing!

Fool for no one | Reviewer: Ahmad
    ------ About the song Supermassive Black Hole performed by Muse

Watch the video clip, full of symbol... Look at the album cover.. Full of symbol.. This music is not about love... Is all abou organization called illuminati or freemason

Too good to not be on a regular Muse album | Reviewer: Finallylivingagain
    ------ About the song Nature_1 performed by Muse

I was in love with a girl for 1.5 year, and this song actually tells the feeling I've had after a long while (before I "broke up" with her, I told her how I have felt for quite a while, and she only made me feel miserable).

Fury | Reviewer: MiriamPsique
    ------ About the song Fury performed by Muse

I think that the lyrics of Muse´s song are always so metaphorical that sometimes is so hard to find a true and a general meaning because is diferent for everyone but I don´t see this song like something religious or anti-religious, I see this more for a couple doing something that is prohibited and they know it is.


I love muse! <3

Bible my arse... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Smallprint performed by Muse

Matt initially wrote a very pretty, happy album all about love. Hence the title, absolution, he thought this relationship saved him and absolved him of all his previous wrongs in relationships. She cheated on him and he scrapped the album and wrote a really fucking angry one instead and couldn't bare to change the name

    ------ About the song Time Is Running Out performed by Muse

An instant classic, Time Is Running Out blew me away the very first time I heard it. I greedily consumed the entire Absolution Album by Muse. This album is evocative of difficult and differing emotions. At once yearning, sultry -- at other times -- melancholy and furious, this song embedded itself instantaneously into a tiny pocket of favorites I carry in my heart; where it will, no doubt, remain.

The entire album did the same: I can neither encourage a listen too enthusiastically, nor find the perfect phrase to do it for me. Just trust me -- you'll love this stuff!

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