Muse Albums

  • The 2nd Law Album (9/17/2012)
    Panic Station
    Follow Me
    Big Freeze
    Save Me
    Liquid State
    The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
    The 2nd Law: Isolated System

  • The Resistance Album (9/15/2009)
    Undisclosed Desires
    United States Of Eurasia / Collateral Damage
    Guiding Light
    Unnatural Selection
    Mk Ultra
    I Belong To You / Mon Cœur S'ouvre à Ta Voix
    Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)
    Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)
    Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)

  • Black Holes & Revelations Album (7/11/2006)
    Take A Bow
    Supermassive Black Hole
    Map Of The Problematique
    Soldier's Poem
    City Of Delusion
    Knights Of Cydonia

  • Absolution Album (9/22/2003)
    Apocalypse Please
    Time Is Running Out
    Sing For Absolution
    Stockholm Syndrome
    Falling Away With You
    Butterflies And Hurricanes
    Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
    The Smallprint
    Ruled By Secrecy

  • Hullabaloo Album (7/1/2002)
  • Origin Of Symmetry Album (6/18/2001)
  • Showbiz Album (9/28/1999)

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    Reviews about Muse albums
    Perfect | Reviewer: Mateo Ospina
        ------ About the album Origin Of Symmetry performed by Muse

    I was halfway through writing this huge review talking about each track, I said screw it, it's too much, everyone knows the album is perfect. So I'll just give the stats below.

    Music: 100%
    Vocals: 100%
    Lyrics: 95%
    Production: 100%

    Overall: 99%

    Best Tracks: 6. "Citizen Erased"
    3. "Space Dementia"
    10. "Feeling Good"... and all the other tracks

    Notes: My reviews are usually a lot more than this, but they're always my honest experience, so this is not a joke.

    P.S. Epicness over 9000%

    consistently stunning | Reviewer: Jamie
        ------ About the album Absolution performed by Muse

    an excellent third album from the Teignmouth trio. Sing for Absolution is such a cool song, and couldn't be more stylistically different to the sonic fury that is Stockholm Syndrome. Elsewhere you have the lush strings of Blackout, electric disco piano of Endlessly, and a beautiful, carefully controlled exit in Ruled by Secrecy. This album hasn't left my CD player in the years since it was first released. Even the review says that "Coldplay should languish in Muse's dust." The fact Muse aren't as big as Coldplay is the final nail in the coffin of music fans' fickleness.

    Surprisingly amazing | Reviewer: Erica
        ------ About the album Absolution performed by Muse

    The first time I heard about this band I didn't even imagine it would be that great. But it was, and I've become a huge fan ever since.
    This cd, particularly, is something I simply cannot stop listening to and finding it amazing.
    Apocalypse please, Sing for absolution and Stockholm Syndrome are the best, even though I love the whole production!
    Hope they come to South America soon...

    Best Muse Album | Reviewer: MinchE
        ------ About the album Absolution performed by Muse

    Greatest album I`ve heard in a while... I just l0vE it! Every song is good. In my opinion the best ones are "Time Is Running Out" & "Hysteria". These guys really have unique sound. I went to see them in Belgrade Arena on Sunday, and they were mindblowing!!! I wanted to hear more of them, even though my ears hurt as hell. I mean, Matt`s amazing voice, fast guitar riffs, fantastic piano playing,then great basslines & drums by Chris and Dom , I loved every bit of it! Now, to get back to the album... My final comment - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Muse, I give you 12/10! You really got it with this one ;)

    PERFECT!!! | Reviewer: Art
        ------ About the album Origin Of Symmetry performed by Muse

    I know it's been a while since its release but this is the most perfect album ever, every single song is fantastic!!

    Absolutely brilliant | Reviewer: Linsey
        ------ About the album Absolution performed by Muse

    These guys are awesome.
    The vocalist has an incredible voice and my opinion is that live they're even better than on cd.

    muse album absolution | Reviewer: bridget
        ------ About the album Absolution performed by Muse

    man oh man i love this album. it's dramatic rock really involves you in the music, and along with an excellent vocalist, muse is one of the best bands we'll see for sometime. my opinion anyway! i love it and i suggest anyone who loves a good bit of head banging/rocking away to some loud music will love this album five stars.

    Astonoshing and unnerving | Reviewer: Mikey
        ------ About the album Absolution performed by Muse

    This is the best British album of the year, an incredible feat of musical tallent expressed by the trio who began with showbiz in 1999. Absolution combines bombastic, over the top elements, with a new style of rock that seems so ahead of its time, its like peering into the future.

    Apocalypse Please, Hysteria, Butterflies and Hurricanes are the stand out tracks on this album, all of them with mind blowing melodies and warnings hidden in the lyrics, well, not really hidden, i mean 'and this is the end, of the world' isnt that subtle, but still, over the top. The rocking elements and almost 'ballad but not quite' songs can be found throughout the album, beuatifully intermingled to make an amazingly consistent album. Ruled by Secrecy, a gentle, soothing passage with sinister lyrics makeS the perfect close to this astonoshing album, which deserves the heaps of praise it has already obtained. 9/10

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