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Meet a band inspired by the two best bands of the last decade (Nirvana and Radiohead). A band - average age 20 - with eighty songs and four record deals around the world. A band who've spent the 90's cut off and disenfranchised. A band who won't be happy until they've ripped the heart from your chest and shattered your eardrums. Meet MUSE. From England. But not so you'd notice.

The rock trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Chris Wolstenhome and drummer Dominic Howard. The group's emotive sound and live dates drew critical acclaim and industry buzz, and after a trip to New York's CMJ festival, Muse signed a deal with Maverick Records. Their debut full-length album Showbiz was released toward the end of 1999. Two years later, Muse issued The Origin of Symmetry and had a major hit with Hyper Music. In 2002, fans were treated to the double-disc live set Hullabaloo. Their latest album Absolution is clearly the product of three mid twenties musicians at the height of their powers, determined to push their aesthetic all the way.

“Matt Bellamy has put together a collection of simple, poetic, transparent songs that re-engage with the old words and values; honour, courage and righteousness. It’s one long love letter to the Impossible Dream, and it WILL NOT SURRENDER. There’s been no record released yet this century with stakes so high. Musically, it could have been a disaster. But one man’s prog is another man’s progress, and every guitar here sounds like it’s from the future, every flourish and movement scored and orchestrated with the celestial vision. By indulging every pomp rock wet dream he’s ever had, Matt’s found that there’s no such thing as too much distortion, and that, when you care this much, chartbusting tunes really do fall from the sky…..On earth, Muse have made the UK Rock record of the year, but as it is in heaven, they’ve created a scripture; the defining document of a new religion no more complicated than Bellamy’s crystal clear lyrics.” (NME)

Bringing this holy vision onto the stage is second nature to these world-travellers. Live, Muse manage to seduce the unconverted, and reaffirm the fanatical devotion of their fans . “As balmy late evening sunshine gives way to darkness and cascades of rain, so Ash's breezy pop punk gives way to the tempestuous drama of Muse. It's the perfect setting for the Devon trio's heartstoppingly intense show. With Matt Bellamy plucking sounds from the air like a mad professor, Muse are truly incredible tonight, switching mood and pace to outragous effect. The rapturous applause that greets the killer conclusion of 'Muscle Museum' and 'Plug in Baby' is a heartening reminder that sometimes, just sometimes, originality and fearless, peerles ambition gets its just rewards.” (Kerrang! review, Leeds Festival)

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Awesomest band! | Reviewer: MuseLover1000 | 9/17/11

There arnt many words to discribe Muse except for the Best. I have loved them ever since I heard them in 2009. They have been my favourite band since then. I really like their showbiz and the resistance :) Muse have inspired Me so much with my music and I love them :)

Muse........what can I say | Reviewer: Mark | 3/17/11

Ever since there first album came out ive been a muse fan, they have given faith that real music is out there, not the rubbish on the radio, not people who can't sing or have any talent at all. This band is the greatest in the world in my opinion because they can do any thing, hysteria and plug in baby amazing playing, showbiz and exo-politics have the words and exo-genesis 1-3 are just hauntingly beautiful. So my message to Muse is keep up the great work, your music is an inspiration to many and shows those talentless "pop singers" what music is really all about!!!

:) | Reviewer: Olivia | 12/6/10

Muse you are quite simply awesome, you radiate ninjaness!!! you have been my favourite band for as long as I can remember (I'm 14) however I would like to point out that I was disheartened - even ashamed - when your fans became "twi-hards"
keep up the good ideas though :)

WOWWWWWW | Reviewer: LaneyH | 9/26/10

I am SUCH a die-hard fan of Muse, and have been for more than two years now. The songs are fantastic and musically genius, and can;t help but move your mind and soul. I am 46, and had lost the love of music in recent years, boy bands sounded samey, rap was totally unlistenable and the plethera of remixes of songs from my youth drove me to tears, but watching the music channel one night by mistake changed all that, when I saw Matt, Chris and Dominic for the first time. God, I wish one of them was my son!!! They are SOOOO talented. Long may they write and perform.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: StarsRule | 8/9/10

Well, I can tell you that I am considerably older than the 47 year old fan but my love of music only grows. I listen to Muse as I drive where ever and sing and keep beat with my head just like a teenager. I have ALWAYS been a huge QUEEN fan but I have been won over by Muse. Matt's high vocals are tremendous. The talent of these three is unbelievable. While at a hockey game in Dallas the fans were introduced to Muse as they were at the game. I did not know anything about them at the time except I loved UPRISING and just couldn't get enough of it. They were in one of the suites at the game and waived at us and it was love at first sight & sound for me. I immediately bid, and won, three CDs from eBay and I still can't get enough. They had a concert date in Fort Worth the next night and had I known then what I know now, I would have found a way to get tickets. I do wish they would come back to Dallas soon. I WILL be there.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/10

This is the next big step in alternative.Muse is pure genius,im listening to Neutron Star Collision now,its my favorite song.With great songs like Feeling Good and Uprising, they will bring a rap loving crowd out of the world of Jay-z and Lil Wayne into Museland where the only rule is to let it rock........Keep rockin' Muse.

The Resistance | Reviewer: Ally | 6/5/10

Hey, I just HAVE to say this. To all those people who are well...complaining that Muse's new album is leaning away from what they used to sound like or they're going mainstream or whatever else is being said...come on.

Muse is meant to change their sound, and you as a listener, are meant to change with them. Being inflexible is going to get you nowhere. A true Muse fan will take whatever they have to give and appreciate the sheer genious of their music, no matter how 'different' it sounds like. They're meant to explore different sounds, if they didn't, then they wouldn't have come up with the songs that you people love so much. Even though the resistance is very much different to what they've released before, it's not like they haven't tried something new in every album they've released.

So really, please, give them a break. It's hard to come up with music, especially music as passionate and as powerful as theirs, and I wouldn't even try it. Hehe. Just had to get that off my chest....

p.s love Muse, devoted for life! :)

Seriously | Reviewer: Drexxull | 4/21/10

Once in everyones lifetime, a band comes along that shakes up their whole world. Changes their perspective - both outward and inward. For me, Muse is that band.

Call me crazy, but Muse has literally changed my life - and my whole outlook towards music. Music was dying to me - and they brought it back to life. They've inspired me to create my own music - and I really love where it's going.

What more can I say? Long live Muse.

Excelent musicians | Reviewer: felix marquez | 3/21/10

I am glad about muse comes to Mexico next 20th April, I love the music, I have listened to music since I was 13, of course I love another bands, but Muse specially have reborn my spirit, it's incredible the fact I have listened more its albumns than others I had considered my favorites. its music and lyrics are very special.I hope they can grow up and stay together making spectacular music for many many years.

I agree with you all | Reviewer: Doris Sampayo | 2/10/10

Muse came ti my city, Monterrey Mexico, but I didnt hear they're music in that year!!! Until last year because of one of my best friends who is such a big fan! Carloss!! And I love them too!!!! I have no wordsss!!

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