Murs Albums

  • Murray's Revenge Album (3/21/2006)
    Murs Day
    Murray's Law
    Silly Girl
    Yesterday & Today
    Love & Appreciate
    Dark Skinned White Girls
    Murray's Revenge

  • Felt, Vol. 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet (with Slug) Album (7/12/2005)
    Employee Of The Year
    Your Mans And Them
    Lisa (Never Easty On My Nextel)
    Morris Day
    Dirty Girl
    Early Mornin' Tony
    Breaker Down Like A Shotgun
    Marvin Gaye
    Life Vegas
    Bonet (Cement Angels)
    Woman Tonight
    Gangster Ass Anthony
    The Biggest Lie
    I Shot A Warhol

  • The End Of The Beginning Album (2/25/2003)
    You And I
    Dibbs Did This Shit (Interlude)
    I Know
    The Scuffle
    Last Night
    Transitions Of A Rider
    Happy Pillz (featuring Aesop Rock)
    Risky Business (featuring Digital Underground)
    The Dance (featuring El-P)
    God's Work
    Def Cover
    Please Leave
    Sore Losers
    18 W/A Bullet Remix
    Brotherly Love
    Got Damned?
    Done Deal (featuring 3MG)

  • Varsity Blues Album (12/20/2002)
    Varsity Blues
    Belief's Blues
    County Blues
    Writer's Blues (featuring The Underbosses)
    A Friend's Blues
    The Deepest Blues

  • Felt: A Tribute To Christina Ricci Album (11/11/2002)
  • F'Real Album (1/1/1997)

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