Mudvayne Lyrics

Chad Gray (vocals), Greg Tribbett (guitar), Ryan Martinie
(bass), Matt McDonough (drums)

“…better bring it, I’m taking it all…" -- “Determined”

They’ve sold more than two million units worldwide and
racked up four RIAA Gold-certified releases. They’ve
garnered extensive radio and video airplay and were honored
with the first-ever MTV2 Award. They’ve played hundreds of
sold-out shows around the world and have been featured in
the pages of Rolling Stone, Revolver, Entertainment Weekly,
Newsweek, Blender, Maxim, Spin, Guitar World, USA More...

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Review about Mudvayne songs
Epic Song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song World So Cold performed by Mudvayne

I love this song. To me, he is speaking of how harsh the world is. How cold-hearted people can be, even to the ones they love. I also believe him to speaking about a relationship when he goes through the "never" part. He is basically saying he has put up with enough, and if it doesn't get any better, he's leaving. That's my take on it personally. I'm in a similar situation. Miss this band.

not what is commonly thought | Reviewer: paul
    ------ About the song Severed performed by Mudvayne

I see a lot of reviews for this in which people try to ascribe their own way of relating to it. Which I get. But the song should not be taken so literal. It is presented from two views. It is the lower self speakinG to its higher self. And the higher self responding. It's a plea for the path of the sepherot to be made clear. So that we can finally reach the light. It is rife with Qabbalistic symbolism in a rather esoteric way. The obvious phrase we all wondered about. But also the spitting up on the plate. And the clearing of it. It's about opening yourself to trust and allowing your heightened self to guide you. By stepping each and every path of the Tree to climb up from the lower Malkuth to the highest Kether. Then you will glow in divinity.

listen | Reviewer: dirt mcguirk
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Mudvayne

Whoever commented on this needs to listen to the song. Be sure to pour hydrogen peroxide in you ears first. Handle makes no sense, its hand now. Do you know what vertigo is? As far as plead or please, again your ears will be clean for your relisten so you will hear the distinctive "s" sound.

intensity that is unmatched | Reviewer: JJB
    ------ About the song Severed performed by Mudvayne

I have been listening to LD50 since the first time I saw DIG on MTV - I think it was 2000 - thirteen years ago. I have never had a song in that length of time come back to haunt me in the beautiful and sad way that this song has. I feel the anger, and the pain and the reality in this song like not many others I have ever heard. Whenever I am going through something horrible in my life, like I am now, this is the song I turn to and in some magical way it gives me strength. This is one of the best songs I have ever heard, and it is on one of the best releases of all time. Nothing can compare to LD50 for its anger, pain and real emotion, and this song highlights that intensity.

Death Blooms | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Death Blooms performed by Mudvayne

This song is awesome. The bass and vocals are incredible. One of, if not, my favorite Mudvayne song. It's hard to pick, just one. They have so many great songs.
Their singer, Chad, said the song's about his grandmother. Epic bass lines, and vocals.

Happy? | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Happy? performed by Mudvayne

This is a great song. One of my favorite Mudvayne songs. I really like the lyrics and the song structure. A lot of people feel this way...,when someone screws them over and leaves them with questions...

Severed | Reviewer: Adam
    ------ About the song Severed performed by Mudvayne

There's a lot of raw & real emotion, & anger in this song. The lyrics are very good, too. The beelieve the song's about his family, as the lyrics suggest. Who in the family, I'm not sure, that's a part of the song that's somewhat vauge.
One of Mudvayne's very best songs...technically, vocally, & lyrically. Awesome song. One of my favorites.

Very Deep Lyrics | Reviewer: Erick Whosoever
    ------ About the song World So Cold performed by Mudvayne

That is an awesome lyrics, deep in feeling and it just describes the way we all have felt at least once in our lives... I have been there too... looking for a darkened corner, a lightless corner, where it's safer and calmer.

wow | Reviewer: A Key to Nothing
    ------ About the song Happy? performed by Mudvayne

Holy crap, this band is so underrated and misunderstood. Mudvayne is probably one of the best bands I've ever heard. This song, this BAND, is just so amazing. The whole album is fantastic. Thank you Mudvayne for getting me through my insecurities, sadness, and anger. It's great to have songs like this you can relate to.

IMN is awesome! | Reviewer: This Guy says:
    ------ About the song IMN performed by Mudvayne

WTF?? This is meandering crap?? Really?? No damn way man, Lost and Found is one of the best albums I've ever heard (along with L.D 50 and TEOATTC).I mean, like c'mon: Happy?, All That You Are, Determined, IMN, and ESPECIALLY Choices, are all freakin' great. This song and album has such a deep meaning and not only that, it's just pure awesome, energy filled great music. The lyrics are incredible as always. The bass is amazing, God I just DON'T see how someone could hate this.
MuDvAyNe is way better than Slipknot btw, though I still kinda like slipknot I guess

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