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Chad Gray (vocals), Greg Tribbett (guitar), Ryan Martinie (bass), Matt McDonough (drums)

“…better bring it, I’m taking it all…" -- “Determined”

They’ve sold more than two million units worldwide and racked up four RIAA Gold-certified releases. They’ve garnered extensive radio and video airplay and were honored with the first-ever MTV2 Award. They’ve played hundreds of sold-out shows around the world and have been featured in the pages of Rolling Stone, Revolver, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Blender, Maxim, Spin, Guitar World, USA Today and a myriad of others. They were even written into a pivotal episode of HBO’s smash mafia drama “The Sopranos.” For most artists, such achievements usually mark the summation of an entire career—if they’re lucky.

Mudvayne, however, did all that in just three short years.

Their remarkable story continues with LOST AND FOUND, an electrifying, vividly-penned rock record from a band—vocalist Chad Gray, guitarist Greg Tribbett, bassist Ryan Martinie and drummer Matt McDonough—that’s broadened its range without compromise. Produced by Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Superjoint Ritual), the highly anticipated album has the sonic heft of classic Mudvayne and is driven by the sledgehammer sound for which the band is known, but its heaviness has more to do with emotional content and delivery than amp settings.

“It’s definitely the most personal album we’ve ever made,” says Gray. “The songs deal with the test of the human spirit and the choices we make when faced with life’s more difficult challenges. Ultimately, it’s about consequences and being able to take a good long look in the mirror and feel good about who you are and the decisions that have shaped the person you’ve become.”

“…I feel it on the inside, twisting and contorting…”

“Forget To Remember”

Against a backdrop that mixes mood and melody to thrilling effect, Gray collects jagged memories and conversational flashes and channels them into songs of monolithic power. Backed by the pummeling rhythms of Martinie and McDonough, he comes out swinging on lead track “Determined,” taking aim at those who’d seek to take what’s rightfully his (“never wanted any more than what I deserve…fuck an inch/I’m bringin’ a mile”). In the song cycle that follows, he searches for simple truths by sifting through the wreckage of the past (lead single “Happy”) and realizes he’s given too much of himself away (“Forget To Remember”). He paints a picture of social erosion in “Fall Into Sleep,” searches for life beyond the ordinary in “TV Radio” and mourns loss in “Rain. Sun. Gone.” As a lyricist, Gray elevates the personal to the universal, speaking plainly and honestly while giving each track its own tense undercurrent.

Musically, the songs are unpredictable and alive, pulling in listeners with scalpel-sharp hooks and magnetic riffs. Tribbett’s impassioned fretwork and crushing riffage add color and depth to Gray’s vocals, creating melodies and arrangements that burst from the speakers with vitality and originality. “Chad’s a phenomenal singer and we wanted to emphasize that by giving him freedom to breathe and try different things,” says the guitarist. “That said, there are also plenty of ‘trademark Mudvayne moments’ on the record,” he adds. “I did a lot of down-picking throughout the album, which gave the guitars a thicker, heavier, more aggressive sound.”

That intensity comes across loud and clear on tracks like “Pushing Through” and “IMN,” on which the road-tightened quartet take the album to speaker-shredding extremes. Then there’s the disc’s brilliant closer, “Choices,” a blistering eight-minute opus filled with distorted textures, clench-fisted chords and glue-on-the-brain hooks.

“We’ve always taken pride in our ability to communicate to the different people that comprise our audience, be it the 13-year-old who’s pissed at his parents and wants to wear makeup, or the adult who’s very serious about music and art,” says Martinie. “I’d like people to be able to find things in our music that are relevant to their lives and I think this album offers that.”

Diehards will note that unlike past releases, LOST AND FOUND finds Mudvayne breaking from the gate sans makeup and pseudonyms. “We’ve never been defined by the makeup,” says McDonough. “That’s just one of the artistic tools that we’ve used to communicate ideas. We’re not apologizing for it or even saying that we won’t wear it again in the future. But right now, this is how we’re expressing ourselves."

“…step by step I’m pushing through…” -- “Pushing Through”

LOST AND FOUND follows 2002’s The End of All Things To Come, a juggernaut that wowed fans and critics alike with hits such as “Not Falling” and “World So Cold.” Mudvayne toured endlessly in support of the album, including a coveted spot on the high-profile Summer Sanitarium Tour, in which they tore up stages alongside Linkin Park, Deftones and headliners Metallica. They’ve raised the stakes with LOST AND FOUND, a skyscraping rock album delivered with unequaled musicianship, style and abandon.

“When you make your first record, you really don’t know what you’re doing,” says McDonough. “As a result, you find yourself screaming at the top of your lungs just to make yourself heard. You rebound from that with your second album, because you’re trying to live up to the expectations of its predecessor. With this record, we’ve definitely found our voice. We’re standing here with arms folded, saying ‘Now this is a Mudvayne album.”

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wtf u haters | Reviewer: mrscream | 3/8/11

ok first and for most fuck u guys who are bashing on mudvayne. i dont see you making an effort damn. and mudvaynes the shit man. u may not know the whole reason that they make this music for wat it is but dont hate somthin u dont understand just because u sound like shit dont mean u need to bash on others who do better than u at it damn. Your fuckin beast mudvayne fuck everyone else keep rockin till your dead is what i say

WHAT??? | Reviewer: corey | 6/2/10

Solid .. u say mudvayne is overrated and u call the album the begining of all things to end. DUMB ASS, its the end of all things to come. If you dont even know the name of the album then u certainly dont have any room to judge the album. give me a break, MUDVAYNE IS THE GREATEST and chad grey most certainly has the greatest voice in rock n roll. corey taylor cant even scream and rip it like chad grey. he is the GREATEST !!!!!! keep screaming chad. i also understand that the victim complex that chad grey has isnt necesarilly his own complex but more the complex of his fans. Chad writes music for his fans to relate to and i completely feel where hes coming from.

Hell Yeah | Reviewer: damien | 5/14/09

I think that mudvaynes the best band in heavy metal their lyrics are so unique and bizzare out of all the albums over the years I would have to say that the most bad ass cd they have is lost & found mainly cause the heaviness of it and the balance of the lyrics and everything else about it just kicks ass some people hate the new game i dont know how seeing how they didnt change a thing about their style that makes them Mudvayne

no emotional value | Reviewer: ben | 2/7/09

since mudvauye's switch to more straightforward hard rock and more conventional lyrical topics, they have revealed themselves to be completely lacking of emotive value. one thing i noticed in particular is that chad gray has a bit of victim complex. certainly the world can be a cold place, but several songs revolve around chad's supposed persecution: "happy", "fall into sleep", "do what you do", "dull boy" and others. worst is that he doesnt elaborate much lyrically in these songs- he just piles on metaphors to the point where they mean nothing. also the entire Lost And Found album is devoid of real introspection- check out the lyrics for "IMN" and "Pushing Through". chad gray's lyrics just don't dig deep enough- rather than exploring the root of his problems(if he has any), he seems all too content to churn out stereotypical alt-metal angst-mongering.

chad's hot ! | Reviewer: Brittany | 9/30/08

I absolutely love chad,hes a kick ass singer,he has the most beautiful blue eyes ive ever seen and a hot body. Ive listened to the band for about 3yrs now and their still my favorite band. Keep that sexy voice on the store shelves Chad LUV YA!!! Mudvayne and Hellyeah both kick ass!!

what i think | Reviewer: mudvayne fan99999999 | 4/12/08

Mudvayne is one of my favorite bands and my favorite song is probably dig, but i dont like the ballads that do, because theyre so good at the heavy stuff but i guesse chad needs a break for his voice tho eh.
MUDVAYNE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mixed feelings | Reviewer: ben | 3/24/08

mudvayne is the musical equivalent of child with a genius IQ plagued by ADD. these guys are very talented but they seem to lack direction. the main example is the long bridges on severed and prod from ld 50 on severed the bridge is like 3 minutes of chad shredding his tonsils and the bridge on prod would have sounded great if it was organized differently. the end of all things to come was just too wierd. lost and found is a step forward but it didnt have the great ideas that make mudvayne mudvayne. im hoping that they can finally get everything together on shades of grey.

are they finished? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

i am freaking the fuck out. mudvayne just released a greatest hits compilation. are they finished? they cant be i wont beleive it. i know theyre old but cmon the slayer is even older and theyre still goin. cmon guyz one more album please its not time to hang it up yet.

not overrated, just misunderstood | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

to revise my earlier comments of mudvayne being overrated its obvious that you cant truly appreciate a band until you understand how complex they are. mudvayne isnt the average numetal band like korn or slipknot the bio is true in its explanation that if you truly like music or art you can come to appreciate mudvayne. i was also a bit fooled by the 30 second samples on aol music i was way better off with the videos no surprise. sorry for the mixup.

anonymous | Reviewer: Beckie | 11/30/07

mudvyane is fuckin amazing...chad is the sexiest guy alive.....i wish there were so many guys here in blind river ontario canda like him but there

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