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Mudhoney; possibly the most influential band of the
American Northwest music scene. The full history of
Mudhoney is a long-and-winding almighty MESS; the number of
bands the various members have played with over the years
is so large there is rumored to be a computer program
devoted to cataloging, or at least making sense of, their
vast contributions.

In the early 1980's, Mark MacLaughlin (better known by his
stage name, Mark Arm) formed Mr. Epp and the Calculations
with some of his classmates, named for one of his school's More...

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Review about Mudhoney songs
mark arm rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Into yer shtik performed by Mudhoney

What else can I say, mark. does NOT mnce words. Though a little harsh (two of the people he is singing about are no longer with us) the song is right to the point. Though a little harsh the song is in the words of another artist that is into his schtick, sad but true, curt went out just like a lot of people expected, depresed, high, and alone... Layne went out in a very predictable manner as well, again, SAD BUT TRUE...

Oranger is missing the point | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Touch me I'm sick performed by Mudhoney

Kid, you're missing the point of what is commonly referred to as grunge. All of those bands didn't just say, "hey, let's make a grunge band!". They were all from Seattle, and they often listened to each other. Grunge was a term invented by the media to group punk bands from Seattle together. They're all good, but nirvanas sound was just more mainstream and easier for the masses to relate to.
And please don't say things like "Heh, grunge and mainstream. Heh!" because at one time it was the most popular genre in the world, and nirvana was the biggest band in the world. Nirvana sold 50 million albums, soundgarden 21 million, and so on. Also pearl jam sold 50 million. So it is mainstream, no matter how muh you want to think its not.

Fvck Me I'm Rich! | Reviewer: OrangeR
    ------ About the song Touch me I'm sick performed by Mudhoney

"Touch Me I'm Sick" by Mudhoney is a song that can be used to "define" GRUNGE. It has everything that makes grunge what it is. Sarcastic lyrics, signature guitar riffs and rebellious drum beats. A good song however you look at it.

Though it is very shameful how grunge is synonymous with NIRVANA and not bands like SCREAMINGTREES, SOUNDGARDEN and MUDHONEY; granted NIRVANA is(was?) one of the best grunge bands ever, but good songs like "Touch Me I'm Sick" have lost mainstream popularity. Heh, grunge and mainstream. Heh!

A very good band and probably their best song till date. A must for grunge lovers.

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