Mudhoney Albums

  • March To Fuzz Album (1/18/2000)
    A Thousand Forms of Mind
    Baby Help Me Forget
    Baby O Baby
    Beneath the Valley of the Underdog
    Blinding sun
    Brand new face
    Bush Pusherman
    Butterfly Stroke
    Drinking For Two
    Editions Of You
    Fix Me
    Generation genocide
    Good enough
    Hate the police (Dicks)
    Here comes sickness
    Hey Sailor
    If I think
    In'n'out of grace
    Into the drink
    Into yer shtik
    I Have to Laugh
    Judgment, rage, retribution and thyme
    King sandbox
    Let it slide
    Make it now again
    March to Fuzz (Instrumental)
    Not goin' down that road again
    Ounce of deception
    Over The Top
    Paperback life
    Pump It Up
    Run Shithead Run
    She's Just Fifteen
    Stab Your Back
    Suck you dry
    Sweet young thing ain't sweet no more
    The Money Will Roll Right in
    This gift
    Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown
    Touch me I'm sick
    When tomorrow hits
    Who Is Who
    Who you drivin' now?
    You give me the creeps (Crucifucks)
    You got it
    You Stupid Asshole

  • Tomorrow Hit Today Album (9/22/1998)
    A Thousand Forms of Mind
    Beneath the Valley of the Underdog
    I Have to Laugh
    I will Fight no More Forever
    Move with the Wind
    Night of the hunted
    Poisoned Water
    Real Low Vibe
    This is the Life
    Try to be Kind

  • My Brother The Cow Album (3/28/1995)
    (untitled) [CD-only bonus track]
    Crankcase blues
    Execution style
    F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)
    Generation spokesmodel
    Into yer shtik
    Judgment, rage, retribution and thyme
    Orange ball-peen hammer
    Today, is a good day
    What moves the heart?

  • Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Album (10/26/1993)
    Between me & you kid
    Deception pass
    In the blood
    Make it now again
    No song III
    Six two one

  • Piece Of Cake Album (10/1/1992)
  • Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge Album (6/26/1991)
  • Mudhoney Album (7/1/1989)
  • Superfuzz Bigmuff & Singles Album (4/1/1988)

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