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Mucky Pup Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 05:57:30 AM

The band was started in 1985-86 by Dan Nastasi (guitar), John Milnes (drums), then joined by brother Chris Milnes (vocals), and friend Scott LePage (bass).

Playing "Battle-of-the-Bands" in and around N.J. was the biggest order of business in the beginning years. We then recorded 2 demo's which were then mass duplicated and sold anywhere we could sell'em. In total we went through over 1200 copies (both demo's combined), which was pretty astounding for a hand to hand thing.

In 1987 Mucky Pup was signed to Torrid Records. Partly because we had just won a song writing contest "Bloom County". (later a floppy 7" of "You Stink But I Love You" was included in the Bloom County Book, "Billy and the Boingers Bootleg"). The best thing about signing the Torrid deal was that they had a distribution deal in Europe with Roadrunner Records. Even though Mucky Pup never officially "hit" in the U.S., we have always been able to tour and sell records in Europe with good success. In 1989-90, about a year after the release of the first CD, "Can't You Take a Joke?", we toured Europe for the first time.

Not much has changed over the years. Dan Nastasi did leave the band after the 3rd Mucky CD, ("Now"), to continue a family business and begin a family of his own. He has since accomplished both and now has a solo project called "NASTASEE" which includes some Mucky Pup members.