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Mu330 Biography

Last updated: 12/31/2003 03:48:10 AM

Ted Moll - Drums and Vocals

Ted learned to play the drums as a way to relieve stress and tension. In 1987 he, Dan and Chris started MU330 with nothing more than a desire to play music and have fun. Of all the places they've played, Japan is by far ted's favorite. nihon ga suki desu.

Ted enjoys star wars, dune, nintendo, camping, collecting toys, cooking, and recording in his home studio "the sietch". When not playing with mu330 he somehow finds time to play drums for CLIMBER with mu330's old roadie Joe, and write and record songs for his home studio project BAGHEERA.

Gerry Lundquist - Trombone, Driving

Gerry is largest and most powerful member of MU330. He used to compete in the AWF, the American Wrestling Federation under the name of the "Ayatollah of Rock n' Rollah" and yes he had the chainsaw back then. He used to play trombone in the legendary "Skankin' Pickle" and was also a member of the famous surf band "the Vulcaneers". While he was still in Skankin' Pickle he fixed the brakes on MU330's van. Besides being a gearhead, Gerry knows something about practically everything. He's a walking encyclopedia and hitch-hiker's guide to the galaxy all in one. Do yourself a favor and strike up a conversation with him.

Gerry enjoys star trek, tiki, jack daniels and the rich sound of vinyl

Chris Diebold - Bass

Chris is solid. He's a human tape machine, remembering parts of songs we played once months ago. Chris is also the curator of one of the largest Star Trek collections ever. During the recent drought of Trek collectables, he's making do with the Simpsons. Chris enjoys recording, watching Austin Powers, eating chili-cheese dip, and being prompt.

Dan Potthast - vocals, guitar

Howzit? Dan loves to have fun. Whether it's riding on the Giant Dipper rollercoaster at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz for the umpteenth time that day or playing fuzzball with John Skavanaugh, Dan is always hungry for fun. Some of Dan's favorite places to eat are Verti-Mart in New Orleans, Tamale House # 5 in Austin, TX, the Mission District in San Francisco and Arturo's Tacos in Chicago. Yummy. Dan also plays accoustic shows and performs songs from his solo album "eyeballs".

Rob Bell - Trombone and Screaming

Birthdate-Jan 14

Rob is one of the nicest freaks you could ever meet. His favorite thing in the world is cycling as he usually logs at least 42 miles a day. His current bike is a GT Rebound Rigid and he enjoys competing with it in Cyclocross races. Besides cycling Rob enjoys, tatoos, sci-fi movies, eating pasta and playing endless games of "Perfect Dark".