Ms Krazie Albums

  • Forgive Not Forget Album (9/25/2012)
    Nobody Else
    Sedated (Got Me Fucked Up)
    Never Let Me Go
    Mothers Lullaby
    Homegirl Dry Your Eyes
    Love You Till Death
    Why You Worried?
    Your Everything
    Can You Forgive Me
    Real Good
    Little Heavens
    Love Of The Sick
    Vivir Sin Tu Amor
    Love You Till Death (Radio Version)
    What You've Done

  • Firme Homegirl Oldies, Vol. 2 Album (8/3/2010)
    Baby Don't Leave Me
    I Like It
    Cold Blooded Girl
    Por Si Alguna Vez Te Vas (In Case You Ever Leave)
    Pinche Vida (Fucken Life)
    Don't Come Too Close
    Haven't I
    It's Been A Long Time
    Oh Please Love Me

  • Smile Now Cry Never Album (7/1/2008)
    Baby Angels
    A Gangster's Wife
    Let Me Love You
    I'ma Rule The World
    Back Into My Life
    Bad Girl
    Me Vale Madre
    Mas Vale Sola
    You Never Mattered (Fuck Love)
    The Last Laugh
    Amiga Mia
    Baby Angels (Radio English Version)

  • Firme Homegirl Oldies Album (6/26/2007)
    I Want To Be Your Girl
    Sorry Ain't Enough
    Straight Teasing
    Oh Honey (Don't Trip)
    Sitting In The Parque

  • Brown Is Beautiful Album (11/21/2006)

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