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Another night, slips away (phone ringing)
in other words, (yo, who's this?) I should say
there are no words, (y'all heard it) you should say
there are no words, (I mean it's life)
every night, slips away (I mean, what can I say? it's best)
in other words, I should say
there are no words, you should say
there are no words

Ms. Hill got skills, that's a gift, it's real
get ill, What you spit got the power to uplift a hill

I wish I could talk to Lauryn
I mean excuse me, Ms. Hill
and let her know how much we love her its real
the industry was beating her up
then those demons started eating her up
she need a savior that'll bleed in a cup, yup
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we used to kick it in the solid days
when she look at me like she dont know me when she see me nowadays
I nod, she nod back, that's how it stay
her songs still better than anything out
that "Hot" or "Power" play
remember how they accused her of saying
she did her album without help
then she went to Rome to sing
and tell the Pope about himself
just after she left the Fugees
started rolling with the Marleys
got back with the crew at Dave Chapelle's Block Party
she made songs about Zion
and trying to be faithful
took Blackstar on tour in Europe
I was so grateful
speaking for myself but I'm sure I could speak for Dante
I got to watch a show with Nina Simone and Harry Belafonte
we used to chill at Nkiru, her moms was a customer
she used to love to buy the books by Octavia Butler
Parable of the Sower, the main character's name was Lauren
what the album did for black girls' self-esteem was so important
I got concerned when she got sick on the road
she ain't heavy, I'm her brother
and I wish that I could pick up the load, but no

another night, slips away
in other words, I should say
there are no words, you should say
there are no words
another night slips away
in other words, I should say
there are no words, you should say
there are no words
Ms. Hill got skills, that's a gift, it's real
get ill, what you spit got the power to uplift a hill

got her assistant on the the phone
"I need to talk to Lauryn"
and I wanna walk through the storm, and I could be the umbrella
when the rain is pouring
please, this no disrespect to whoever your man is though
this relationship is strictly music like D'angelo
I know you hate Babylon, and wanna see it fall
but they won't let you read your poem at the BET awards
you give us hope, you give us faith, you the one
they don't like what you got to say
but still they beg you to come, whoa
now that's powerful sis, it's black power
we get money, keep our eyes on the final hour
and no I ain't saying you Christ, that would be sacriligous right?
but you can blow and you nice, sisters them raps is vicious
the raps the sisters recite with their black fist up
the devil's last wish is a queen that rise past bitches
we used to read Francis Crest or anything
by Third World Press impressed
but what the power of the word suggest
hatched ideas in our heads like birds in the nest
you gave birth to a new sound like Donda West, yes
should I be saying all of this while the mic is on?
I might as well let it out because one day I might be gone
I write this song and hope you feel how much we love you
and you play it, cause I really ain't got the words to say it
but yo

another night, slips away
in other words, I should say
there are no words, you should say
there are no words
another night slips away
in other words, I should say
there are no words, you should say
there are no words
Ms. Hill got skills, that's a gift, it's real
get ill, what you spit got the power to uplift a hill

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Ms Hill | Reviewer: Frank .B | 1/16/12

By listening to Kweli spit rhymes many rappers talk about illuminati inspired lyrics which when they don't do will be targeted.Like 2Pac turned who turned his back on the truth while knowing he's gon get gunned down by fools out of the music industry.Many acts like to talk about guns cause they finance by the Mafia.Many artists like Black Thought,Talib,Mos Def and many other make good sense.So people out of the music industry forget they make million,but unlike many mainstream,they don't brag about how many women the slept with or how much money they make.Hip hop is influenced by R'nb and they lay rap lyrics.

Who cares | Reviewer: Alex | 7/4/11

Who cares what the definition of hip hop is. if your gonna sit here and talk about what the definition is on a song like ms hill. then neither of you know what it is. becuase you know what whatever fuckin genre this is, and whatever the rapper is doing, this is a real artist spilling his heart onto a beat about maybe the realest artist there ever was. fuck hip hop. fuck rap. love music. especially music made by talib and lauren. educate yourselves.

hip hop | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

hip hop is tha genre, wut tha mcs are doing is rapping (mcing) djing, graffiti and mcing is all a part of hip hop, rap is tha actual mc spitting on tha beat, add a feel good beat, a nice hook n u hav hip hop

To put it simply | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/09

There's no true definition as to what "Hip Hop" is...that's what makes it so great. It can be about whatever. As an art form, it is truly about just expressing thoughts/feelings through music. Technically, you're all wrong by trying to confine Hip Hop to strict parameters...Hip Hop strives to be just the opposite!

It's whatever. | Reviewer: Brendan Malone | 9/27/09

It's no big deal, but i don't think either of you guys who think you now what you're talking about really know what hip-hop is. What I got from reading your comments is that hip-hop is underground and rap is mainstream which isn't true. Or, that hip-hop is creative and original and rap is all about hoes, drugs, and ice, which isn't true. Talib Kweli, like almost every MC, has songs in both hip hop and rap genres. It's whatever though, you guys can keep talking about stuff you don't know about if you want.

Fucking Idiot | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/09

To the guy who doesn't understand the difference between rap and hip hop!

To get started. You are correct with what you said "that's what rap is you idiot"

But you are totally wrong when it comes to hip hop. The difference being hip hop is original and rap is not. Rap steal lyrics from other songs and adds there own pimps, hoes, drugs and alcohol lyrics afterwards.

Talib is on the fence of hip hop and rap or in other words is in the process of becoming main stream, some people refer to this as becoming a sell out but it all about the money right? Talib is the shit and will be for a long time, he is making his dollars now and will lay low for a while to get out of mainstream and then come back with some kick ass shit just like he has before. So before you go screaming "so b 4 yall open your mouth know what hip hop is." YOU should know what hip hop is! By the way, I love how you could spell lyricist but not "fucken", idiot!

thats what rap is u fuckin idiot. | Reviewer: stev | 11/22/08

this is for the last 2 on the guys dont even know real hip hop so shut the fuck up.talib is a legend.and yes hes of the sickest lyricist on the fucken planet and a smart b 4 yall open your mouth know what hip hop is.

Talib's a fantastic artist and this song's a classic. | Reviewer: Big De | 10/5/08

laughing at the first "anonymous" idiot to type his ignorance on here - Talib Kweli is THE MOST CREATIVE hiphop mc (emcee) out. period. of course he used a is sample based music that is extremely creative..when done right. and Talib definitely did this right. dude's lyricism is unmatched in his field.

What's the fuss about? | Reviewer: Eric | 12/31/07

Okay, he shoulda given cred to Ben Kweller. But being a Kweller fan, I think it's pretty cool that he is being sampled. Kweller and Kweli are both the real deal. They could both be more successful if they sold out but they didn't.

Ben Kweller who? | Reviewer: LA | 10/29/07

Ben Kweller did the chorus... not the song. the chorus was sung by a girl not Talib. talib is amazing. listen to his other songs he's the of the most creative MCs.
this whole Lauryn thing is so sad. She's truly a Queen.

Ben Kweller Sample | Reviewer: nah? | 10/22/07

Yeah the chorus was used without permission, but thats not Kweli, thats the producer who made the beat who sampled In Other Words.

Wow, ingnorance is bliss.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

Every time I hear this song I almost cry. I didn't even kno what the lyrics were about until recently when I decided to look them up because I love the song so much. Talib is very sincere about this subject. You realize this when you hear his voice so beautifully expressed with every lyric.Talib is very creative and respectful and thoughtful and this song diserves so much respect. =]

Amazing | Reviewer: Jenn | 9/24/07

I first was introduced to Lauryn Hill in Sister act, fell in love with her voice. Then went online listened to her interviews and perspecives and then fell in love with her. I respect her and what she has done. This song is amazing and shows how much Mr.Hill is respected not only by the writer but by everyone that listens to the song. We love you Lauryn and Respect you.

Did Anonymous Listen!!! | Reviewer: L | 9/9/07

Kweli's not creative because he used Ben Kweller's lyrics in the chorus? Buy the damn album and check the credits. By the way while your at it, listen to verses in between the chorus and and you will hear the definition of creativty. 1.

Ripped of Ben Kweller | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

The lyrics of the chorus are from Ben Kweller's song In Other Words. He used them without permission. Yeah. He's really creative.

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