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Lil' Wayne Mrs. Officer Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2013 07:25:23 AM

Artist: P
Song: Mr. Officer

Hey there, Mr. Officer, why'd you shoot my dog?
If I took a shit, my friend, you'd probably shoot the log

Why, why, why do you do me this way?
You can't fuck your gorgeous wife, plus, your son is gay

Hey there, Mr. Officer, your son is a fag
I saw him on East 12th Street with a knockoff Gucci bag

Hey there, Mr. Officer, why not put down your gun?
You and me should get together and have sex with your son

OK, ladies and penis holsters, what we're talking about here
is an AK10-watt, globally trans-zero, firepower-directed, inglobe modifier,
flatnose, leather, black purse manufacturing facility somewhere, at a secret
location; perhaps in a village shaped like a donut in Lufkin, Texas.
Lufkin: the hometown of the Chick-O-Stick. And also, I'd like to talk about
lesbian veterinarians - ball-choppers, the motherfuckers, the ones you should stay away from. God bless 'em, but, should they find out, I would be a happy man. And also, if for one day - for one day only - I could wear the battle garb - the battle garb donned by the bravest synagogue-going motherfuckers there ever was; and them's the goddamned Jewish preachers
on the battlefield. And what do they do? They gotta protect their heads with camouflaged yarmulkes.

Camouflaged yarmulkes dominate the scene
When I go to bed at night, of yarmulkes I dream

Some were wearing yarmulkes for various intent
Some had wear'em to scare the kids, some to give to the President

Blessed be a homosexual man in the house of the cop. We shall live unhindered forever - bunnies dancing in a field of homosexual policeman kissing us now.