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The Blue Dogs Mr. Rain Lyrics

Last updated: 03/19/2004 09:39:34 PM

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I must've been crazy out of my mind
I must've been a fool to leave an angel crying
But nothing makes a fool wise and realize where he was wrong
Like the bitter taste of lonesome and the night so long

What I need is to get next to you
Heaven please, see what you can do

Send Mr. Rain, come on down
Give me just enough time to turn this love around
Mr. Rain, can't you see
You're the only thing I got to bring her back to me

The like a picture I see your big brown eyes
At a picnic, in a sun dress, on the 4th of July
With little raindrops falling, come from up overhead
The the whole crowd makes a beeline for the tractor shed

And like a dream that's coming true
Mr. Rain brings me face-to-face with you


Baby here we stand
Sweet circumstance, given half a chance
And I finally look into your eyes
And then you smile
And it's like a sweet sunrise
And I want to thank you


I must've been crazy, out of my mind
I must've been a fool to leave an angel crying

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