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Mr. Pookie Biography

Last updated: 01/11/2008 11:00:00 AM

Mr. lucci is from Dallas, TX and got and the rap gang at the age of 14. He attended Lake Highlands High School and graduating and the year of 1999. Now he rapping with his friend mr. lucci whom also got a album out name of Diabolical. but for now they both are worrying about just producing and getting out to better record companys.

Since the latest album of Mr. Pookie "The Rippla". He and his partner Mr. Lucci both have come together on a joint product under a new label "Bawl 2 Fall Records". After the break up with manager/producer Kevin A., this new project is destined to be more hot than the last albums released by both Pookie and Lucci combined.The new album is to be released some times this year 2003.

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