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After the tour with Gibb, Richard and Steve got attention
from a lot of record companies because of their great
background singing. Both Richard and Steve continued to
take session work, and they worked with artists such as
Kenny Loggins, REO Speedwagon, Toto, Lee Ritenour, Al
Jarreau, Joseph Williams, Donna Summer, Quincy Jones, Bill
Champlin, Peter Allen, Molly Hatchet, Barry Manilow, James
Ingram, Twisted Sister (Richard walked out in the middle of
a background vocal session for this group because of moral
qualms), David Foster, More...

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Review about Mr. Mister songs
Christian meaning in song | Reviewer: agochoa
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

Actually QUAERERE@LIVE.MSN, Youre incorrect on the band's alternate Greek God meaning. It has everything to do with Christianity. I got this from an interview..."Richard Page did write the music and melody, but I am the one who wrote the lyrics. I got the inspiration from singing it as a kid in an Episcopal church in Phoenix."- John Lang, Chicago Sun Times.

Kurie Eleeson | Reviewer: QUAERERE@LIVE.MSN
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

Kyrie Eleison Origin is from "GREEK" Kurie Eleeson for Lord have Mercy. The Greeks, had their own mythological Gods; Zeus, Apollo, etc. Therefore, one may conclude that the Kurie Eleeson is referring to a Greek God and not to the God found in "Christian Mythology". If you want to know where the Christian Mythology originated, read about the life of "HORUS" who was born of the Virgin Isis-Mary and the God Osiris. Horus father was the fist God known as The "Christ". Horus myth goes back 3000 BCE.

Sometimes Faith finds you | Reviewer: Michael R. Mason
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

This song has always appealed to me even before I was aware of the "Lord Have Mercy" translation...Although it is no longer played in the top 40 rotation of most pop radio stations, occasionally it surfaces either on a diverse fm band or a cable television music channel...When it does it seems too always enter my life at a time when I need faith, hope, and encouragement on this beautifully difficult journey that we all are on...All artistic venues are a result of some level of Devine Intervention in my humble belief...In some God's Hand plays a more obvious and powerful role than others...This song is an example of the potential of that Gift being passed on too others through Mr. Mister's creative talents,

my daughter | Reviewer: teri lain
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

my daughter's middle name is keriallysen--we have always pronounced it kyrie eleison. we are greek orthodox and so we know the meaning of the words and how true it became. our daughter's first name is xenia-for st xenia of st. petersburg and throughout the years whenever she would get in trouble those were my responses to her "fun and times of trouble"---xenia, lord have mercy. it became a joke of such and a quite funny.

she got married a month ago....may the lord have mercy and bless them both.

a beautiful song.... and a beautiful name. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

In 1991, my daughter was born and named Kyrie, and she is well aware her name came from a Mr Mister tune *smiles*
If said in latin form.. the word Kyrie is pronounced... "keer-ee-ey" (the long a sound at the end.)
For clarification... the phrase Kyrie eleison = keer-ee-ey e-ley-uh-sawn means "Lord have mercy" or as a response "Lord have mercy upon us"
Kyrie is the latin word for Lord.
My daugters name is not pronouced with the long a sound at the end. She is Kyrie(Keer ee), and her name came from this song and i am so pleased others see the beauty in the words.

my daughters name | Reviewer: amanda anderson
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

wow this song is lovely, also i have named my daughter kyrie-lea as i thought thats what was being sung, she is 5 now and i have just played it to her and she loves it too and is really happy there is a song with her name in it.

Finally get it. | Reviewer: Lance
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

For years I didn't really like this song simply because it didn't seem to make sense to me. I thought it was a girls name, but finally I have discovered exactly what Kyrie Eleison means and now I love it!
Lord have mercy ;)

This Is My Middle Name | Reviewer: Stephanie Kyrie Luckovich
    ------ About the song Kyrie performed by Mr. Mister

This song is my middle name and my parents picked it for me and i really like it and this song is my middle name and i am 17 years old and i appreciate having the middle name i really like it Thank you for making the song

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