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Hey Mr. Jack,
Is that the mouthwash your eyes
Hey Mr. Jack,
Is that the cause of your surprise
Hey where you at
On the side of the freeway in the car
Hey where you at
On the side of the freeway in the car
In the car,

On the side of the freeway in the….
Hey Mr. Jack,
Is that the trick of your disguise
Hey Mr. Jack,
Is that the cause of your demise
Hey where you at
On the side of the freeway in the car
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Hey where you at
On the side of the freeway in the car
In the car,
On the side of the freeway in the car
In the car
On the side of the free way in the....

Seven A.M., morning, came to take us away
Little men, big guns, pointed at our heads
Seven A.M., morning, came to take us away
Little men, big guns, pointed at our heads
At our, at our heads

Your prospect of living is gone
You ran the light at dawn
Protectors on your back
Lights are on their track
You must now face authority
You’re nothing like me
You must now face authority
You’re nothing like me
Put your hands up, get out of the car
Put your hands up, get out of the car
Put your hands up, get out of the car
Fuck you pig
Fuck you pig
Fuck you pig
Fuck you pig
Put your hands up, get out of the car

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Superb | Reviewer: Jerry McNugget | 7/15/13

I believe the song is about the police and how fucked up the law is today. I also believe that Mr. Jack was a 'friend' of the band, who would sell drugs and get high. 'Is that the mouthwash in your eyes?' means that he was stoned and his eyes were red and bloodshot, just like pouring mouthwash into them. 'Little men, big guns'is referring to the police, little men as in they are cowards and big guns are the protection and force they use to control everyone. 'You must now face authority
You’re nothing like me' I'm guessing that's like saying that the police are nothing like normal people. 'Put your hands up, get out of the car' Obviously the police asking him to leave the car and 'Fuck you, pig!' his response. I hope this was of some help, but I'm not 100% sure if this is accurate and S.O.A.D have numerous meanings behind their songs. They can mean different things to the listener. Anyway, keep listening to S.O.A.S and peace out

Criminals are not welcome in society | Reviewer: Pig | 10/6/12

Thats what the song means. If you live the life you know that there's not much you can do to jump back across the fence and be treated like a man.

You must now face authoraty, you're NOTHING like me. Because law abiding people never have to face athority in that way.

LOOL, real story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/12

Mr Jack was the bands dealer, he got caught on a freeway after skipping traffic lights 'ran the light at dawn'. He was caught in the car and was high, 'is that the mouthwash in your eyes' - his eyes were red and that's a funny euphemism for it. He was arrested. True story, ask Serj.

The band members may have been trying to score some, hence they asked: 'Hey where you at?' nd he replied 'On the side of the freeway in the car'.

2 personalities | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/11

i personally think this song is about a guy with 2 personalities, 1 violent and 1 "normal" personality
thats why the lyrics say: "came to take US away". "You’re nothing like me" is him talking to his other (evil) side. "Fuck you pig" could then be his evil side screaming back...
Mr Jack could be the name of the guy, becouse its such a regular name,you would not expect crimes from him.
A story somewhat like jeckyll and hyde.

but then again thats just my interpretation

you all need to creep a new song page! this ones mine. | Reviewer: dead man standing on the bottom of the grave! | 6/21/11

Everybody that listens to this song thinks "who are these guys? They have everything!"
I think that the meaning of this song is of a corrupt guy, just a john doe.(hence the name jack) "is that the mouthwash in your eyes," is reffering to him being stoned and his eyes are glazed over and irataded to the point of redness. "Hey were you at?" Is the voice of a cop that's looking for this "jack". "On the side of the freeway in the car." Is the last known place of jack.. now,these are the two ways he was caught by the cop. "7am.morning. came to take us away. Little men, big guns, pointed at our heads" is the cop waking him up and taking him away to jail. The second way to catch him would be. Him waking up in his car. And the cops are around it screaming "put your hands up, get out of the car" over again. Jack finally screams! "Fuck you pig! Fuck you pig fuck you pig" and then runs. Gets shot and dies. Whitch is the reason for the fast and random stop of the song.

idea | Reviewer: Kestis | 1/25/11

I read all of your interpretations. Well mine is completely different. I think its more like mind fuck of a song. I mean Mr Jack is just a litterature name, it doesn't directly mean their talking about specific jack. Mr Jack in this song is a inside enemy of the mans head, it is hiding all the time and making the man do sins. The man is trying to face him, get rid off him.

Freeway in this song means life. Car is the persons head.

Little men with big guns - phony, bad people that have power.

that is just the way i see it:D

my interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/10

I read most of your interpratations and even though I like them I'm surprised a little bit. Some say it's about the dealer, some about someone who comitted a crime, but I never saw this song as such but I agree everuone has their own interpretation :) In my opinion the song is about someone who realizes how the world really works -(is that the mouthwash in your eyes) - he finally opened his eyes and is surprised and takes time out to think about it - (on the side of the freeway). Until now he lived artificially happy life he believed that everything is just fine and people are free and good but he realised he was wrong and it's his demise. Seven a.m... part is about authority and media that try to maintain propaganda about 'happy' world and want to brainwash him one more time, they follow us until we again admit everything is good. And the end - we say no to them and maybe (but I'm not so sure about it) commit suicide, which would explain the final scream and sudden end of the song...

Does it amtter? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/10

Honestly most of SOADs lyrics had to do with issues in the Iraq war, thats the main reason why they split up. So, if it talked about Mr. Jack, it most likely is refrencing to crime in those areas, or maybe not, i dont know, its my opinion. oh, btw SOAD are getting back together

My own opinion | Reviewer: Cameron | 7/6/10

Yeah, I know all their songs are open to interpretation. I'm just saying, to me Mr Jack is the name of the cop and the corrupt government he represents, and it sounds like the song is about political dissidents being arrested. That would explain "7 am in the morning coming to take us away." The dissidents go on the run, the cars gets stopped, and they curse the cops as they get arrested. To me, this i what makes the most sense.

What the song means | Reviewer: Tobz | 4/24/10

For all of you who are wondering, Mr. Jack is about Soad's pot dealer.

He ran a light at dawn, as described in the lyrics.
The police stopped him on the freeway, but Mr. Jack had pot on him and didn't want to get done for it.

'Fuck you pig' refers to an insult that Mr. Jack shouted at the cops.

It is a possibility that Mr. Jack was shot by the police, as the song ends so suddenly.

I've gathered this information off multiple people on multiple sites.

hey its just simple | Reviewer: TJ | 4/17/10

the police will do what they want if you stop on the side of the fucking road they might check or be dicks. mr.jack is a disgruntled cop and its from the point of view of 2 people. mr.jack and some dude on the side of the road on the phone. luv the fuck you pig from daron! soad forever FTW!!!

Some theories | Reviewer: C.G. | 4/12/10

Kind of a dueche bag way to shut him down for showing his interpretations. Daron said they can mean whatever to the listener (VERY paraphrased)although it's not too likely. Probably the intended meaning would be that jack committed a crime, and is then taken into custody, taking it literally. Now jack is a very common first name, and could refer to the everyday joe, bill, or James. Although, you wouldn't normally scream fuck you pig unless you've had past complications on the subject of law, so he would most likely not be his first crime. The cop, without saying, represents the police force and the govt officials that created said being broken.with all this being said, here's a copule of things or could be: one man falling deeper into his own crime committing as if it were an addictive pass-time; a political statement about how the govt conflicts some people more than others and how personal opinions on the laws being made and breaking the due to the disaggreement is an example of oppression from the govt (very much like my libertarian outlook on drugs); maybe even a philosophical concept in which not absolutely everyone will always aggree on everything, and that some people will breaak laws as just to break them. My suggestions torwards ffod for thought, please reply anyone willing to look at all sides and not swear or ridicule randomly :). Note: it took me about 15 minutes to type this on my iPod.

Well Said | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/10

Well said...("The REAL meaning of this song" BAH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/10) i would like to point out...sean... that im sure jus bout evry1 hu commented on this song or any other SOAD song has probably listened to system since their first album...and that doesnt mean that they or u are any better than sum1 hu has only ever heard this song...u go on bout how 'Jack the ripper would then cut open his victims and remove internal organs.' which would just indicate how proud of urself u r that u made a learn at school today...considering this song says nothing about cutting people open...yes it has the name jack in it...but does that mean this song is about me? MY NAME IS JACK OH EM GEE SOAD MADE A SONG ABOUT ME! also im pretty sure a murderer wouldnt cut his victims to peices on the side of a friken freeway HAHA that would be utterly stupid to do sumin like that in such an obvious place. i agree with the lines 'Odds are you heard something about jack the ripper on a TV special, or from a parent, and thought "Wait, Jack the Ripper, Mr. Jack, they have to be related. I should be a detective!!! I have to share my uber1337skilz with my friends on the internetz!!"' i think you need to calm down, enjoy their music and not go on about it if someone says 'systems lyrics hav no meaning' bcos it honestly rly dsnt matter if their lyrics hav meaning or not...if they want their songs to hav meaning then they do...if they dnt care bout song meaning then they wont...does this make them any less of a band? if Serj randomly commented and said..actually tbh our songs hav no meaning...would u hate them?i dnt think so...

Song's Meaning | Reviewer: Freakke | 2/24/10

I don't know the full purpose of this song. The Jack the Ripper idea I'm gonna say is completely off the mark. It being of political consequence is correct. I can pick out some pieces but the puzzle isn't there for me to completely see.

I understand its got a good deal to do with Police. 'Pig' being an unsavory term used for Police Officers. Being on the side of the Freeway implies being pulled over I assume.

The Verse dealing with 7am was probably based off a Police/Authority related piece of News or Experience

My guess is that it's about wrongful or prejudiced arrest.

"The REAL meaning of this song" BAH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/10

Ok, Sean, you say that you shouldn't think literally about it, yet you are taking just the name, and one line, literally and drawing a conclusion. I think Anon below me is more likely correct, because, and if you were a real system fan you would know this, System often makes political statements in their music. Odds are you heard something about jack the ripper on a TV special, or from a parent, and thought "Wait, Jack the Ripper, Mr. Jack, they have to be related. I should be a detective!!! I have to share my uber1337skilz with my friends on the internetz!!" Well, so much for that.

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