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Carpenters Mr. Guder Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2013 09:29:42 AM

Mr. Guder

Say! Mr. Guder

May I have a moment with you

Because there is something I've got to say

And please don't let it scare you away

Mr. Guder

Say! Mr. Guder

I have seen you go through a day

You're everything a robot lives for

Walk in at 9 and roll out the door at 5

(*) You reflect the company image

You maintain their rules to live by

Shine your shoes let's keep a neat haircut

Now that you're wearing a coat and tie

Mr. Guder

Say! Mr. Guder

Some day soon YOU may realize

You spend your life just playing a game

Where no ones wins but everyone stays the same

Repeat (*)

Mr. Guder

Say! Mr. Guder

Some day soon YOU may realize

You've blown your life just playing a game

Where no ones wins but everyone stays the same

The sa-a-a-me


Play your game!

Stay the same!

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The last 2 lines | Reviewer: TrialDog | 2/10/13

So what do the last 2 lines mean? I always took it to mean that the "narrator" realized that they were being too judgmental and mean-spirited, and that Mr. Guder was who he was and would be just as artificial if he were to "rebel" for the sake of rebellion.

Your thoughts?

Mr. Guder and Barbershop! | Reviewer: David Hawks | 4/16/12

"Mr. Guder" is a wonderful reflection of the rebellious, anti-establishment sentiments of the 1960s. It's a great song, and, even though Richard Carpenter and John Bettis were angry when they wrote it, it's about a great guy, Vic Guder. I just learned the story today from Vic Guder who sings baritone in my barbershop quartet "The Humbugs" and is a member of "The Sandblasters" barbershop chorus in the Coachella Valley, CA. I have it on good authority that Vic likes "his" song!

When I'm 64 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/11

Mr. Guder was and is a great song with uncomplimentary lyrics. And yet, Vic Guder seemed and seems today to be well-liked and respected. Richard's now 64 and in the liner notes to the Carpenters Gold compilation released in 2005, Richard seemed contrite. He wrote, "Looking back, I feel we should have been thankful to have had the job... and adhered to policy." Richard and John's job was to play songs from around 1900 on Main Street in Disneyland, but they played pop songs from the '60s upon request, too. Disneyland isn't famous for being flexible about things like dress code and following directions, so Mr. Guder must have been trying to protect everyone's job by reminding them to play what they were hired to play. Wisdom came with age for both men.

jay charles marinelli rocky of the major motion picture and record industry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/10

i loved mr guder and im honored to get my first break in show biz from throgh his buddy at international recording printer in hollywood im so glade that the carpenters wrote about him he was totally under estimated ahead of his times most definitly very polished and the best darn toting music director that hollywood would ever know i wanna do a tribute to mr. guder with friend and mentor fgeorge benson and get a grammy to give to him forvb best children album of the year

Background on the song | Reviewer: Dave Hirschfield | 4/18/08

Mr Guder was in charge of entertainment at Disneyland at the time the Carpenters were performers. They were not permitted to perform at Disneyland due to an appearance code in effect there. The group had long hair and didn't want to change their appearance. They wrote the song as retaliation and hired Cubby O'Brien (Cubby on the Mouseketeers) as their drummer. Even though this freed Karen up to sing without also playing the drums, she never considered herself a vocalist. Just a drummer who sang.
Vic Guder was the best music instructor I ever had, as well as one of the kindest people I ever met.

Mr. Guder | Reviewer: Gary Mac | 5/21/07

This is a great song and I can hear this as a fabulous Broadway musical tune for the right play (may have to change a few words around.)

Vic Guder was a great guy! | Reviewer: Dennis Morkert | 3/4/06

The Mr. Guder in question was, in fact, my band teacher in High School. He was one of the best music teachers I have evert had, and that includes a lot of people. All of the kids respected him and he was well liked by the whole band. The song about him really doesn't fit the real Mr. Guder at all. I was really shocked when I found out that he was the guy the song was written about. I found out when I was at Disneyland, in 1967, with a musical group that he was escorting through the backstage area. Richard, you should apologize. LOL.