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Lil' B Mr Glassface Lyrics

Last updated: 12/10/2012 08:26:15 AM

Glassface nigga
Glassface nigga
We thuggin bitch

I’m still pissed about these niggas bitch niggas
No forgiveness throw ya ass in the river
I will buy dope but bitch I am the dealer
And I don’t buy smack but I might take it
Strip ya butt naked the games on us
I stay in the cuts with them things loaded up
I don’t give a fuck bitch I don’t care
It’s Fourth of July put them guns in the air
I been fucked over face slept over
Staring at your poster I’m gon’ fuck ya over
I slow creep like them niggas in Magnolia
Coming down your street I’m a westside soldier
Based boys, based boys, still in the space boy,
Still got the long toy, still got the juice bitch
Long guns, long clips, short tip but long bullets
Long grave, long time to waste, short time to die,
Bitch nigga haters gon’ be a real time to fly
Glass Face don’t play send shots with the K
Now ask me if I’m playing bitch I’m a show my ass
This a rare occasion bitch
Finna push ya through the glass, finna take all the cash,
Finna hit you with the mac, finna show you the fucking strap,
Finna put this in ya back, bitch give me all the cash,
Bitch give me all the racks, I coming with the doja sack,
I’m coming with the light pack, ya better like that,
I’m coming with that right mac,
Ya bitch I don’t give a fuck man I run rap

Aye man Glass Face man you gotta be a thug to be at the top
If you ain’t thuggin you are bitching
Aye man with this rap game we pushing bitch niggas to the side
Get out the game make yo and shit make yo money
But when you talk about the gutta nigga this life or death,
Rap or death you stay out of it if you ain’t really with it
Music or death, music or life nigga, that’s where we live
That’s the type of niggas I feel, a lot of niggas is doing this shit for fun
Do that shit and stay up over there get your money over there
Be safe over there nigga, be safe over there,
Go back to the, you know, you know what you going back to
Let me go back to the struggle and hustle
You been, one and two floor type thug
One and two story type thug
Being in the … you feel me?
You come to the hood
Niggas didn’t have to come to the hood cause we in it
You feel me? Don’t come to the hood nigga just be in it
And that’s how we thugging
Glass Face Lil B 2013
I’m a fuck the game in the ass
And I ain’t talking no rap nigga
I’m talking about the rap game
No fucking homo you niggas know I’m gangsta as fuck
Glass Face Mixtape
I don’t think these niggas want no beef
I don’t think they want no problems
I’m Glass Face, I’m the BasedGod