Mr. Bungle Lyrics

Trevor Dunn: bass
Danny Heifetz: percussion
Clinton (Bar) McKinnon: tenor sax, clarinet, keyboards
Mike Patton: vocals
Trey Spruance: guitar, keyboards

Mr. Bungle was formed in 1985 in Eureka, California. The
original line-up included Trevor Dunn on bass, Mike Patton
on vocals, Trey Spruance on guitar, and Jed Watts on drums.
The band took its name from two short films which appeared
in early episodes of the "The Pee Wee Herman Show," in
which an ill-mannered, un-hygienic puppet clown
demonstrated how good grade-school kids should More...

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Review about Mr. Bungle songs
Cocks... | Reviewer: Yannuth
    ------ About the song Pink Cigarette performed by Mr. Bungle

This is not about cocks at all... the cigarette is pink on the filter when the women smoke it with a red lipstick. So he found a cigarette stub colored in pink, that remind him the woman who's left..
Anyway Patton is a genius, and I'm sure he'll be famous (i mean real famous) when he dies, but he will let us so many diamonds!

Amazing | Reviewer: Mia
    ------ About the song Carousel performed by Mr. Bungle

Mr. Bungle is probably the most underated band In existence. Everything they make is simply amazing, so far I've only heard a few of there songs (pink cigarette, air conditioned nightmare, quote unquote and this one) but I can tell I will listen to many, many more. Again, awesome song, awesome band.

    ------ About the song The Girls of Porn performed by Mr. Bungle

My buddies and I were turned onto these guys at about age 14... (back in about '89). This was the 1st Bungle song that we fell in love with (for obvious reasons, heh heh heh) But even back then, what attracted us to this song was that we heard it as high end, perfectly technical jazz. The horns are great. A friend of mine from my hometown went to Cornell and ended up being roommates with one of the horn players...don't know much about them, but I heard that when they moved out west that he got thrown out of the band for being too weird...imagine that after reading these lyrics!

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide | Reviewer: Overlord
    ------ About the song Desert Search for Techno Allah performed by Mr. Bungle

Seriously, this song will expand your mind. Listen to it on repeat, while abusing potent hallucinogens and huffing inhalants in the privacy of your own home, under the bed, with the lights turned out. Embrace the universe. Regret nothing.

Pretty AWESHUM | Reviewer: Moe Moe
    ------ About the song Carousel performed by Mr. Bungle

This is a pretty aweshum song, very creative lyrics. And very creative stuff... You know, just read the lyrics and you'll understand what I'm saying here. Just... Just... Listen to it and read these lyrics... Just... Do that... Please... NO STOP READING!!!!!! JUST GO AND LISTENT O IT!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!! GO!!!!!!!!

    ------ About the song Stubb (A Dub) performed by Mr. Bungle

Trevor Dunn, the bassist, said at their perfomance at Club Lingerie in 1991 (I think) that the song was about the guitarist Trey Spruance's dog named Stubb who was alive during the performance but was on his way to dying. Mike Patton Mentioned during the song starting that the dog also had a "wart called gingivitis."

Idiots... | Reviewer: Paranoid Android
    ------ About the song Pink Cigarette performed by Mr. Bungle

The term "pink cigarette" obviously has nothing to do with d**k in any way. He even says "your lips touch everything BUT ME". Also there are several lines through out the song which are in reference to cigarettes in the literal sense because that is the reoccurring theme of the song. The symbology of the pink cigarette is that every little thing reminds him of her. The cigarette is pink because that was the shade of lipstick she was wearing when she left. Anyone who has ever loved and lost should understand this specific breed of sorrow expressed in this song. I would its obvious really. Just cause Patton does write a lot of songs about blow jobs does not mean all of his songs are about cock. The guy is a true artst and musical geniusq at heart. Get your minds out of the gutters guys. Btw, I don't know about you guys, but my shlong isn't pink. It's more flesh colored. Unless the song was from the point of view of dog, which I would bet not. Imbeciles.

HiwawwDDbq | Reviewer: Amelia
    ------ About the song Pink Cigarette performed by Mr. Bungle

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Listen to this song! | Reviewer: Tawp64
    ------ About the song Carousel performed by Mr. Bungle

Seriously, I've been nonstop listening to this song. I didn't really even know a thing he was saying until I got here, but I got the jist of it. This song is ridiculously creative, just like everything else Mr. Bungle makes. If you want some metal/carnival music/ska/something else then here you go. Actually, I don't care what you want, this song will probably give you what you need.

Dude, it's obvious....David Lynch.... | Reviewer: Christopher Z
    ------ About the song My Ass Is On Fire performed by Mr. Bungle

He says himself in the song...."Whatcthyou lookin at f**k?" Don't you f***in' look at me" is other points within Bungle's album, they have an obvious interest in David Lynch's film, "Blue Velvet". They even thank Dennis Hopper in the inlay notes. That IS Dennis Hopper's line in the film. "Whatchya lookin' at f**k?" It's all over the album, in fact. Before the song, it's an ACTUAL sound bite from Blue Velvet. It's Kyle McLanahan that's crying there. These lyrics are ABOUT that movie!! Just sayin'....

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