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Blur Mr Briggs Lyrics

Last updated: 11/27/2009 10:00:00 AM

Mr Briggs is on holiday
But he stays in his room
He's too cold to go out for his evening smoke
The lady down the hallway
Is deaf and dumb to what you say
She's too busy dreaming of chihuahua dog
Say goodbye
Slowly drift away
To somewhere
Mr Briggs needs sleep now
He's been up for a week
He can hear a buzz buzz buzzing in his head
He has a three-bar heater
But it can't keep him warm
If he bought another then he'd have three more
Say goodbye
Slowly drift away
To somewhere
Mr Briggs while on holiday
Never left his bed
Walked around in circles but only in his head
The lady down the hallway
Is running out of pills
She could pull herself together but she knows she never will
Say goodbye

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love this song! | Reviewer: llow | 11/27/09

i have discovered this song quiet late, because about 3 years after starting listening to blur. It has this special, indescribable atmosphere. There are just some things in this world you can't put into words. Such things are always beautiful.