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"Mr.Big got their start when William Roland Sheean (Billy)
stepped away from David Lee Roth's first post-Van Halen
band, after contributing to two albums and numerous major
tours. The Buffalo, New York-born bassist had already honed
his considerable skills during a decade spent touring with
his band, Talas, but with the recruitment of Martin (Eric)
in 1988, he knew the foundation for this ultimate musical
venture was well in place. Martin (who was born in Long
Island, New York, but grew up all over the world as an Army
brat) had More...

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Review about Mr.Big songs
turned on | Reviewer: shayne
    ------ About the song Goin' Where The Wind Blows performed by Mr.Big

I missed out on Mr Big as as adolescent. Not sure which fog my brain was in,none the less, my son turned me on to Gilbert and Sheehan when I was 45. Martin is AMAZING. Billy Sheehan is truly among the top 5 bassists on the planet. Paul gilbert never ceases to leave me in awe. Hoping for a Canadian visit on the upcomming tour.

goin' where the wind blow | Reviewer: Sayogya Budi
    ------ About the song Goin' Where The Wind Blows performed by Mr.Big

it's disappointed mr.big had separate,,,but when mr.big came to indonesia in java rockin land festival, i'm very glad to see eric, paul and billy together again to entertain mr.big music is the best to me..cause you can play rock,pop, and acoustic like this song..goin' where the wind blow,,it's simple song but paul acoustic guitar play's very excellent to improve this song and so with eric fantastic sound's it's make this song's very impressive and the lyric it look's like me when i feel confuse to choose the best way for my complex life

Hello... | Reviewer: Samuel Pertin
    ------ About the song Green-Tinted Sixties Mind performed by Mr.Big

The Best Intro I ever Heard.... man....You Guys Rocked Here in Shillong Dude.... Wanna she you again man..... is there any chances to see you again here in shillong, India..??
And Billy ......?? You are My Idol....

looking for the absolute condition | Reviewer: merlyn
    ------ About the song Goin' Where The Wind Blows performed by Mr.Big

i am a big fan of Mr. Big since i was five years old. my dad always played this song on the tape all the way in the car.

and this song is my favorite because its a simple melody mix with soulful voice of Eric Martin.
when i saw the lyric, it really reflects my feeling. i am kinda person who going where the wind blows when i really dont know what the best way i should take.

thanks a lot Mr. Big

MR. BIG RULES!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Shine performed by Mr.Big

GREAT SONG by a band that should've been HUGE!!!... forget that collectively they had more talent than any 3 bands on the radio at the time , but if you listen to their catalog of songs these guys wrote "GREAT" songs!!

But unfortunately the Britney's and Stefani's of the world are easy to "sell" when it comes to marketing "musical fluff"... exit rehab stage left!


addicted to that rush- Mr. Big | Reviewer: Lee McClean
    ------ About the song Addicted To That Rush performed by Mr.Big

paul gilbert is so good on his guitar this song is so cool!

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