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Gilbert O'Sullivan Mr. And Mrs. Regard Lyrics

Last updated: 03/07/2001 12:46:47 AM

Congratulations everyone and two and three and four
You've really made my day for me
So here's what I've in store
An ounce of tea that will if we
Stir well turn into glue,
Should Mr. and Mrs. Regards
Send theirs with love to you.

Now Jonathan's a king you see
But then to some he's not
For in between his two front teeth
Is something I forgot
To tell you bout thirteen is out
As both boys disagree,
With Mr. and Mrs. Regards
Who send their best to me

I've been impatient far too long
So here's my plan
It begins with G and ends with my
Your room looks grand

Still that's alright
I'll not stay brigh
t In fact I'm likely to
Send Mr. and Mrs. Regards
My best with love from you.

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