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Roy Orbison Movin’ (Living legend Version) Lyrics

Last updated: 03/05/2001 03:32:06 AM

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Movin’, movin’ down the line, yeah
Movin’ all the ......‘in time, yeah
Movin’, movin down the line,yeah
Movin’, watchin’ for the road sign

Losin’, almost losin’ your mind
Losin' losin' all track of time
Movin’, hurry up and stay behind
Movin’ on down the line

Check into a hotel hour’ till showtime
Brother won’t you pass me the wine?
And those front row women are always lookin’ so fine

Movin’, take a french bath quick
Movin’, waiting for the wine kick
Movin’, countin’ every clock tick
Yeah i gotta get on the stick

Movin’, stealin’ all the hot licks
Movin’, where is my guitar pick?
Movin’, ain’t got time to get sick
Movin’ on down the road

Finally make it backstage ain’t no dressing room
Done forgot our last tune now the curtains risin’
I think it’s twenty minutes too soon

Tuning in a hurry gotta make that booker worry
Will we hit the stage on time?
This microphone’s a live wire goin’ like wild fire
The feedback is soundin’ just fine

Movin’, i think we stole the show,yeah
Movin’, i guess it’s time to go now
Movin’, i ain’t got time to slow down
I keep on feelin’ low down

Cruisin’, headin’ for a show town
Cruisin’, I hope that town'll blow now
Movin' which way do we go now
Movin’ on down the road

Check into a hotel hour till showtime
Brother won’t you pass me that wine
And those front row women are always lookin’ so fine

Movin’, I din’t get the check,yeah
Movin’, ah but what the heck,yeah
Movin’, on down the road

Gotta stay on top,yeah
Movin’, movin’ till we drop yeah
Movin’ on down the road

I didn't miss a trick yeah
Movi' but I didn’t get the chick,yeah
Movin’ on down the road

Movin’ down the line yeah
Movin’, all the ...‘in time now
Movin' on down the road

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