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I kept my mouth shut from the start
I guess I left you in the dark
You thought you knew me but you don't
You say you'll love me but you wont
When you find out who I am

I kept my mouth shut for too long
All this time you got me wrong
Now we're in this way too far
I'm about to break your heart
Tear everything we had apart

'Cause I'm feeling lost
When I'm in your arms
The reasons are gone
For why I was holding on to you
I tried so hard
To be the one
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I don't like who I've become

Won't keep my mouth shut anymore
I've had my share of closing doors
Now I know I'm not afraid
I know exactly what you'll say
But I'm sorry it's too late

'Cause I'm feeling lost
When I'm in your arms
The reasons are gone
For why I was holding on to you
I tried so hard
To be the one
I don't like who I've become

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
(I kept inside of me for all this time)
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
(Thought that I could make it work if I just tried)
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
(But I'm sorry to admit that I have lived a lie)

'Cause I'm feeling lost
When I'm in your arms
The reasons are gone
For why I was holding on to you
I tried so hard
To be the one
I don't like who I've become

I kept my mouth shut for too long
Now I know that it was wrong

I wish I told you from the start
That this was never meant to last
We should've never gone this far

Won't keep my mouth shut anymore

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=) | Reviewer: Erin | 5/22/09

this song is amazing. LOVE THE VERONICAS.
they are such beautiful song-writers.
& unlike most of young hollywood, they can actually sing.
mouth shut can relate to just about any situation, it doesnt even have to do with love. basically just holding all your feelings inside is what a lot of people can relate to.

Complications | Reviewer: Azure | 5/10/09

There's is so much more to this song, but i love how everyone can relate to it. It has a depth to it where everyone in different circumstances can relate.

I have been dating this guy, but he's not a very passionate person, at times he would be and those times it would be great. Sometimes, when he gets angry he just leaves me all by myself, even if were out he just disappears. I have never complained about it, when i tried, he'd get angry.
"I don't like who I've become", because I feel as though i can make it happen, just because I like so much. "Thought that I could make it work if I just tried"

I feel like i deserve so much more, compared to how much i show and give him. One day, I'll get tired of it, then I "won't keep my mouth shut anymore"

awwww | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08 I liked this guy who I played drums with...and he's really cool but I think he feel for me because of what he saw...because in truth we didn't know each other really well...and all of a sudden one night i hooked up with another guy...and i knew then it was over with me and the guy i played drums with...and it sucks cas I don;t want to hurt him, but i really like this other guy...he already kissed me on the second time we hung out...the other guys seemed too shy and like he didn't want me enough...i put this song in my myspace thinking the old guy would listen but i don't think he gets it...=(

I LOVE singing this song though=)

So true | Reviewer: Sedona | 11/1/08

A lot of people have reviwed saying this is how they felt. Me too, sort of. I was in love and it kinda began to fall apart after I moved, I had a crush on another person and of course he knew. I thought I could re-grow the feeling of love I had. But I realized what I loved was being near him and kissing him and hugging him. After I got over that crush I realized I still loved him so much but that was after my friend and I tried to help him get over me. I could tell he still loved me but he had a gf. He does now too and she's pregnant. I'm glad he resides in me this kind of stuff but that doesn't take away the pain. I still love him. We even had plans to get married but if she keeps the baby he's going to get back together with her and they probably will. It was my first love and it will never leave me. I've never really dated since him. I love this song for telling about our problems.

ITS HAPPENING AGAIN | Reviewer: Chelsea-Ann | 10/22/08

OMG its happening again! Im still in love with my ex and I got a new boyfriend but I dont wanna hurt my boyfriend and this song is great but its making me feel so guilty about my feeling &&& my ACTIONS!!! GRRR

Mouth shut | Reviewer: Stella | 2/11/08

this is happening to me right now!!!!!!!! I feel like my boyfriend doesn't care about me anymore but I don't know how to break up with him!!! he won't talk to me anymore so its not like much is gonna change if I do break up with him. THis is such an awesome song. I wanna sing this @ my concert cause I have to sing cause I have a singing scollarship.

i can relate | Reviewer: chantelle | 10/10/07

i can relate to this song i loved a guy so much and then gradually we fell apart but i got over it was so hard and painful but it the end -x-

hmm. | Reviewer: jaz. | 10/2/07

i was pretty much in this situation with my ex bf.
i loved him soo much in the start.
but i gradually got over him and it was hard for me to tell him that i didnt love him anymore because he was head over heels for me!
but i told him, he was upset! and was cut deep!
because i started to like someone else that he hated i told him..a few days before we officially broke up!
it just felt so wrong being with was hard to kiss and hug him whilst not even liking him.
it went on for a week..i thought i could grow to re-love him..but it didnt.
so i guess i had to do what was needed.
there are so many people who are going through what i have with boys..just hopefully you do the right thing before it hurts them...aswell as yourself.

Mouth Shut | Reviewer: Marluna | 8/2/07

I can relate to this song, bf, bff, gf, everything and everyone i have ever met, i can relate to this song pretty much all of my f, bf, gf, bffs, everyone. <3 marluna

coolio | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/07

i fink dis song is sooooooooo cool! i luv it luv it luv it! :P

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