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Cat Stevens Mountain Lyrics

Last updated: 01/12/2011 10:00:00 AM

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Midnight come, colors are melting
White moon shivering on the sea
Like a ghost up to the mountain
Wax Queen will carry me
I can see the forest for miles
All the creatures small and large
If you crumble I won't be living
For my love would have no house

Mountain, oh mighty mountain
Show me secrets you have
So I may become brother to Moses
And live, live and be glad
I can feel all of your powers
Growing lighter in the dark
If you crumble I won't be living
For my love would have no heart

White moon, white as my skeleton
Who has seen martyrs among my brothers
Yet strength remained in me to write the song
Say no more! The children already know
And their dreams grow strong like the trees
In their minds where thoughts are plotted
Is also where crystal suns are forged

And they will be older than a thousand years
So that they may open the deserts of the heart
And in these dreams of the mountain
Friendship will surface

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