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The history of Motörhead.

Fired from Hawkwind after a drugs bust going into Canada,
Lemmy Kilmister returned to London. Determined to start his
own band to avoid being fired again, he decided it would be
called 'Bastard,' but management overuled and 'Motorhead,'
a song Lemmy had written as a B-side for Hawkwind, was
born. With drummer, Lucas Fox and Pink Fairies guitarist,
Larry Wallis, and Lemmy on bass and vocals, Motorhead began
gigging and recorded their first album, which their record
company refused to release at the time, More...

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Review about Motorhead songs
touches depths of the soul | Reviewer: zolotuhin Max
    ------ About the song God Was Never On Your Side performed by Motorhead

If there is no God, it explains almost everything... Keep on believing in something that can't be proved... Its also scaring to believe in god, when a man is being raped like in their soul wrenching Don't let daddy kiss me

The hymn for... | Reviewer: Robert Hansen
    ------ About the song Orgasmatron performed by Motorhead

The new and one and only hymn for...
- the new world order
- the UNO
- the Vatican

Lemmy Kilmister, the prophet of the reality. Children have to learn the lyrics of this song before they learn all the religious bullshit.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Shabbir
    ------ About the song Line In The Sand performed by Motorhead

this song is one of the best ive ever heard. they rock in this one even though they arent rockin hard like all their others, but it still has that same kick u know? if u dont like this song or uve never heard it before get off of this site and download it, and 4 those of u who dont like it u are UNFORGIVEN and UNFORSEEN!

Stop thinking | Reviewer: @motorben uk
    ------ About the song Ace Of Spades performed by Motorhead

Lemme himself has even said none of motörheads songs mean anything it's just ideas why does everyone think there's a deep set meaning it's just an amazing rock track which uses gambling as a base don't believe me read lemmys interview in rock magazine about Motörhead and the aftershock album and all there other work

Inspirational | Reviewer: Jt
    ------ About the song Line In The Sand performed by Motorhead

I been in love with song since 2004 I didn't kno how to start my new year then this song came to mind. I been listening to it since 730am this morning it is now 10:51am it's still on repeat. so inspirational to start this new year. If u dnt have a new year resolution let this song become that.

Really good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song King Of Kings performed by Motorhead

This song is really good when you have to go on a long trip.
It reminded me of Vlad Dracul's history, how he killed the ones who betrayed his father with a grinn on his face. Anyone else who have read his bibliography noticed it?

Meaning | Reviewer: Z@ck
    ------ About the song King Of Kings performed by Motorhead

Quiet Good bt wat does it mean it sounds satanic it Heavy Metal nd they talk about the king sending them to hell nd they say his will be done nt Gods' will.Who is the king they are talkin abwt?And are Motorheads satanic or is this song satanic

chorus wrong | Reviewer: Tim Franklin
    ------ About the song All The Aces performed by Motorhead

It's "All the aces (x3), held by people ain't got no faces" the first couple of times, and
".... held by people who ain't got faces" on the last verse.

Lemmy's singing is very clear :-)

Great Piece of History | Reviewer: beholder
    ------ About the song Ace Of Spades performed by Motorhead

Just watched a doku about Vietnam... soldiers put an "Ace of Spades card" in the mouth of killed vietnam people - maybe viet cong - as to say: "watch out we're here to get you. fear us"
Maybe no connection to this song, but maybe...who knows?

Dads funeral song for curtain closing! He knew how to go with a bang! | Reviewer: Chev
    ------ About the song Ace Of Spades performed by Motorhead

This was my fathers ring tone, his fav song! We had it as his funeral song when the curtain closed, made us happy to see him go with a bang and all his biker friends loved it! RIP dad xxx

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