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XTC Motorcycle Landscape Lyrics

Last updated: 07/01/2000 03:58:11 AM

On a hanging garden ------
----------- [babylon seat]
------------- [baby batters]
----------------------- [weak]
---------- [hope you be great]
And the children have said their backbones
Will hurt you if you think

For there is a doll's arm
Floating in the scum
And it's calling you over
While it's calling you a bum
And it beckons you to frown
And it beckons you to brown
And it thinks it's found a
Chance to build another real
Motorcycle landscape

The only thing that watches there
-----------[nails] are bloody red
On a -------------------------
[Come to] ----------- are dead
All that we can read while
---------- are girlie magazines
For their [jest] they're save your wrapper
Girls aren't in their teens

[Billions can sleep while hold to]
[fields of meanless wire]
Do the kids in----------------------
------------- on the fire]
[Though ------ to marriage
[Stabbed of broken bliss]
[Shade ---------------------
[Some them were] like this

For there is a doll's arm floating in the scum
and it's calling you over while it's calling you a bum
Motorcycle landscape

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