Motograter Lyrics

Grater - Motograter, Samples
Ghost - Verbal Abuse, Criticisms, Melodic Slander
Smur - Drums, Screams, Samples
Crispy - Drums
Nuke - Guitars
Zak - Vocals
J.R. - Guitars

Forget shock and awe. Get ready for a sonic explosion of
apocalyptic mayhem and ultra-tribal fury. Music critics
around the world will be trashing the old rock thesaurus as
they scramble to define No Name’s newest warriors of aural
warfare…a description most likely inspired from the band’s
own name: Motograter.

Named after a home-made springed/percussion instrument, More...

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Submit Motograter New Lyrics

Reviews about Motograter songs

What I think the meaning is? | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Down performed by Motograter

The meaning is two guys are falling and no one is coming and one doesn't care or is lazy.One is angry at that.Either way this is a awesome and this band seems underated.This band really needs more attention in my opinion.

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